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* Minutes approved from last quorate meeting


Martin Pain
Florian Georg
Florian Georg, Martin Pain, John Arwe
Steve Speicher

Original Chat transcript from room: oslc-automation

Last meeting didn't meet quorum

Last quorate meetings minutes: no objections - approved

survey about participation

find out if motivation: grow ecosystem, contribute to scenarios or just learn about ?

discuss scenarios, e.g. new scenario by Martin "Elastic Build Cloud"

Elastic build cloud: need to investigate about where are the gaps we need to fill (like chaining output to deployment provider plan)

(Florian) need to scenario validate with customers

Martin will consider writing up a walk-though of how we might achieve this with OSLC Automation v2.

next scenario: deploy build artifacts in a continuous integration setting

it is also related to cloud scenarios, with some similar questions than the first scenario (like output chaining)

other business - nothing heard

todo: discussing System Engineering involvement with scenario #2 next meeting

everybody is fine with meeting again in two weeks.


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