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Martin Pain (IBM)
Uri Shani (IBM)
John Arwe (IBM), Martin Pain (IBM), Steve Speicher (IBM), Uri Shani (IBM)
Bill Chown (Mentor Graphics), Florian Georg (IBM)

Original Chat transcript from room: oslc-automation

Approval of last week's minutes

Martin Pain (IBM):

uri shani (IBM): Martin asks for objections on the previous meeting minutes. No objections. Minutes approved

Scheduled call duration

uri shani (IBM): Martin asks for reducing the meeting to 1 hour instead of two. No objections. Motion passed

OSLC Automation & systems/hardware

John Arwe (IBM): Bill Chown had said he would present today, but he's not here. Uri, would you like to verbally summarize your intersection with this TC?

Steve Speicher (IBM): Martin wanting to review automation from systems point of view, Bill Chown was going to share, asks Uri for input

Steve Speicher (IBM): Uri: summarizes how in systems engineering the need for something like testing, it is around model simulation

uri shani (IBM): Uri explains that systems engineering automation would for instance include simulation, co-simulation and "hardware in the loop"

Steve Speicher (IBM): Some background on this topic, various things:

uri shani (IBM): I bring about the expamples from EU project ("SPRINT") in which physical "things" on the internet can participate in tests that can be automated.

Martin Pain (IBM): Any commonality from systems with this scenario?

uri shani (IBM): SPRINT web page:

uri shani (IBM): Need to look at this reference.

uri shani (IBM): Difference may be that when doing say a system test, OSLC automation will invoke it as a single operation, whilst in systems test with hardware (IoT) it seems that OSLC needs to get into this activity and break it down to smaller and finer steps

uri shani (IBM): Martin asks for an example to make the point more clear.

uri shani (IBM): Note that the SPRINT's web page is pretty high level.

uri shani (IBM): Steve suggests we need more details to appreciate my input. Action: Uri to write simple applied systems example applying OSLC Automation concepts.

Any other business

Martin stated that he is personally interested in producing an implementation of the Build pipelines & artifacts scenario. Others' contributions are welcome - discuss with him directly.

Next meeting

uri shani (IBM): Next meeting will be in 4 weeks since Martin is not available. 23 Sept. No objections.

John Arwe (IBM): I'm personally OOO 9/23

John Arwe (IBM): ... and 9/23+2 wks

uri shani (IBM): Meeting adjourned.

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