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Martin Pain
Martin Pain (IBM), Steve Speicher (IBM), Uri Shani (IBM)
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Automation in systems engineering

Uri Shani shared 3 scenarios of (opportunities for) Automation integration in systems engineering.

Scenario 1:

Monitors (running on simulators) monitoring physical devices or other simulators. Setting up these experiments (with many components) and collecting the results is common in Systems Engineering.

The tools, devices & models may be dispersed across international borders, and connected together in the same experiment across the Internet.

Scenario 2:

Semantic Mediation Container storing system requirements, design model, test model, test scripts, & test results - generated & consumed by different tools used by different people/teams in different locations.

Scenario 2 doesn't look like it poses any problems for standard generic Automation 2.0

Scenario 3: Systems of Systems

Takes in a System of Systems UPDM SysML model, identifies an optimisation measure, involves manual intervention to look at variant possibilities, executes the architecture and outputs a new SoS UPDM model.

What next? Many things can use generic OSLC Automation. 1st scenario is the most complex. If designing the plan it can be done entirely behind the interface in one tool, it's standard OSLC Automation. If that plan design wants to be loosely-coupled, this might be more like the composition use case which has been brought up before but didn't get anywhere, or no work was deemed necessary.

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