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Purpose of this page is to layout a plan for execution of specification delivery of OSLC Change Management 3 within the context of the OASIS OSLC-CCM TC. It's based on the OSLC Core roadmap.


OASIS has clear requirements on what it takes to produce Standards and Non-Standards track documents from a TC. There are additional requirements to take these documents beyond "Committee Specifications" to full "OASIS Standards".

Approach is to develop a number of specifications, and supporting documents, and package them as "Change Management 3.0" and release them together as a "Committee Specification" package. This is the same approach as OSLC Core is taking.

Goal (high-level)

2014: Drive the Change Management 3.0 specification to be an OASIS Committee Specifications by mid-2014.

Tasks (high-level)

A sketch of tasks, almost the same as in the OSLC Core roadmap.

  1. define which specs and supporting docs as part of that delivery timeline
    1. Define minimal work products, dependencies, priorities for "3.0" 2014 delivery
    2. In support of 1.1, carve out exact document name and purpose -- work with OASIS staff to reserve in doc repo
  2. assign owners, get work done
  3. get spec tools in place (Word, ReSpec, ???)

    1. Follow Core lead, most likely ReSpec

  4. Produce working drafts per phased plan
    1. Gather use cases and requirements
    2. Lock down document name and purpose
    3. Develop initial working draft with outline
    4. Complete working draft, and get informal TC review
    5. Once ready, circulate to TC for comments/review (allow 2 weeks)
    6. Handle comments and seek approval for release as "Committee Specification"

Work products

Stretch items:

OSLC Change Management 3.0 Capabilities

Broadly, the following capabilities are part of OSLC Change Management 3.0.

  1. Attachments
  2. Multi-state Query
  3. Actions
  4. Severity and Priority
  5. Change Management Types

These capabilities build on the OSLC Core 3.0 specification as well as existing vocabulary from the OSLC Change Management 2.0 specification.

Proposed Timeline

The following is a rough timeline for completing the 3.0 specification.



Initial Working Draft

March 1, 2014

Committee Specification Draft

Revision 01: March 2017

Committee Specification Public Review

Arpril 2017

Committee Specification


Candidate OASIS Standard

Late 2017

OASIS Standard

Q1 2018

Unknowns / risks

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