Summary of Major Changes to OSLC Configuration Management in post 2015q2 drafts

  1. The draft specification has been split into multiple HTML pages to make the standard easier to approach, and for ease of update, and ease of reference by teams implementing only versioning but not configuration management. The working group is open to feedback on this split; if it is considered to be a hindrance to readability we can consolidate back into a single HTML page.
  2. Use of the boolean property oslc_config:mutable is now deprecated. Instead, baselines and streams are indicated by mandatory new types oslc_config:Baseline and oslc_config:Stream (both subclasses of oslc_config:Configuration).

  3. The new draft removes references to the Automation and Actions specifications, and removes requirements for POST to the LDPC of configurations per component. In their place, the new draft adds an LDPC of streams per baseline, and an LDPC of baselines per stream.
  4. The configuration match triples returned inline with a versioned resource as result of a GET with the oslc_config:allMatches header have been moved into a new ConfigurationMatches resource, still returned inline; this avoids modifying the representation of a baseline, which might have disturbed digital signatures, etc.

  5. The new draft provides machine-readable resource shapes, using Respec to generate the property tables in the rendered HTML pages.

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