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  1. Roll Call
  2. Scribe nomination
  3. Review minutes of previous meeting
  4. Core topics
  5. Configuration Management topics
  6. Any other business
  7. Adjourn


Chat transcript from room: oslc-ccm 2015-10-08 GMT-08:00

[07:07] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Martin volunteers to be scribe

[07:07] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Attendance: Brian Steele (IBM) David Honey (IBM) Jim Amsden (IBM) Martin Sarabura (PTC) Nick Crossley (IBM)

[07:07] Nick Crossley (IBM): Brian - see you in the chat window, but not on the phone call?

[07:08] Brian Steele (IBM): Previous call running long, will join in 1 min

[07:08] Nick Crossley (IBM): Previous meeting minutes at

[07:09] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Minutes accepted

Topic: Core update

[07:10] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Merged vocabularies into a common vocabulary document - called core vocabulary

[07:11] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Some additional merging questions

[07:13] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Some resource shapes had oslc:name property - but not in original spec

[07:14] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Should that have been dcterms:title?

[07:15] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Nick: May be covered by existing properties

[07:16] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Nick: Just going off oslc v2 core spec

[07:17] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Committing to branch but something has been changed? Need to pull from branch - from directory not just files

[07:17] Martin Sarabura (PTC): From parent directory

[07:18] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Jim: Can we do a force commit?

[07:18] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Nick: There were some unresolved conflicts - seeing a diff indicating conflict

[07:20] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Topic for core next week: issue around shape uris

[07:20] Martin Sarabura (PTC): oslc v2 assumed that tools would just produce shapes - nobody had specified how to do shapes in core

[07:21] Martin Sarabura (PTC): issue 25

[07:21] Martin Sarabura (PTC): from core

Next topic: ReSpec

[07:22] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Issues with browser compatibility

[07:23] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Needed changes to fix citation block

[07:23] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Nick: Found two errors which caused it to break in some browsers, some minor formatting issues

[07:24] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Submitted request to Steve Speicher, no response yet

[07:25] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Chet said he would handle some of that for us? Manually, not through respec

[07:26] Martin Sarabura (PTC): If published doc respec has problems - seems to be fragile - is it good enough to publish a pdf instead?

[07:27] Martin Sarabura (PTC): The doc we work on is completely different from what is actually published

[07:28] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Don't want subsequent editors to work on published document as starting point

[07:28] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Need to talk to Chet. If they are not willing/able to take on ReSpec then the TCs may have to.

[07:29] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Nick: OASIS likely willing to host ReSpec but not necessarily technical ownership

[07:29] Martin Sarabura (PTC): If other TCs want to use it then it makes sense for them to take ownership

[07:30] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Can they manage repository and allow contributors to make their own contributions

[07:32] Martin Sarabura (PTC): David: Need a way to save the DOM - which could have browser incompatibilities

[07:32] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Jim: Javascript more likely the problem than the html

[07:34] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Nick: Generating HTML probably difficult and would probably not fix the incompatibility issues. Only generated form we could create is pdf

[07:34] David Honey (IBM):

[07:34] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Nick: Respec is the published document, or pdf

[07:35] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Martin: pdf doesn't play nice with search engines

[07:36] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Nick: stackoverflow recommendation may not solve the problem

[07:37] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Only thing we see breaking is the generated shape tables

[07:38] Martin Sarabura (PTC): W3C had no equivalent code - based on xslt code that Nick had written with Arthur Ryman

[07:40] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Nick: I am the de-facto owner of the oasis-specific respec code

[07:40] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Nick: Unlikely oasis will want to take technical ownership

[07:41] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Jim: OK with it being an open source project, may be best solution for oasis

[07:42] Martin Sarabura (PTC): David: Need to encourage participants to commit resources to do it

[07:42] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Nick: Steve's ReSpec is a clone of the w3c respec

[07:43] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Nick's is a clone of Steve's

[07:44] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Jim: Raised some issues previously: Committee note on business case, could be motivation section of intro doc

Next topic: Additional work products for ccm spec

[07:45] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Related to another topic: More info on use cases

[07:46] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Business cases on may be out of date and perhaps incomplete

[07:46] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Jim: Also some use cases from Interconnect

[07:46] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Don't really describe the user's interaction with the system - so not really use cases

[07:47] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Nick: Should udpate overall plan with expected deliverables

[07:47] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Jim: Should they be in committee note, or wiki, or both?

[07:48] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Nick: We are doing a primer anyway - maybe combined with motivation section - would be enough

[07:49] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Nick: Not against committee note, just need a bit more clarity on plan

[07:49] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Jim: Volunteer to come up with a draft motivation section of overview, also clone use cases from and bring in Interconnect material

[07:50] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Nick: OK, need a vote since this a new contribution

[07:50] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Jim: Interconnect ideas recasted, not brought in verbatim

[07:52] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Jim: No restrictions (other than copyright) on wiki material?

[07:53] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Nick: Formal vote to accept use cases for cm as a contribution

[07:53] Martin Sarabura (PTC): All voting members on the call

[07:53] David Honey (IBM): +1

[07:53] Martin Sarabura (PTC): +1

[07:53] Nick Crossley (IBM): +1

[07:53] Brian Steele (IBM): +1

[07:54] Jim Amsden (IBM): +1

[07:54] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Accepted

Next topic: Question to PTC: Review changes from previous minutes?

[07:56] Martin Sarabura (PTC): treatment of nested components

[07:58] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Components may be hierarchical, but spec has no opinion on semantics of the hierarchy. Defines hierarchy of configurations

[07:59] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Avoid confusion in semantics if you had two different types of hierarchies

[08:01] Martin Sarabura (PTC): This version of spec doesn't want to say how to specify versions of configurations

[08:01] Martin Sarabura (PTC): LDPCs do define structure

[08:02] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Leave door open to future definitions of structures - they could exist, nothing stopping tool from having additional properties

[08:03] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Martin: Acceptable to PTC

[08:03] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Any other business?

[08:03] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Meeting adjourned

Action Items

[07:55] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Nick: Action item to review schedule in light of current progress, respec, these new work products

[07:55] Martin Sarabura (PTC): and publish update

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