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Chat room not used for this meeting - technical issues with Chair's internet access!


  1. Roll Call
  2. Scribe nomination
  3. Review minutes of previous meeting
  4. Change Management topics
  5. Configuration Management topics
  6. Any other business


OSLC Minutes 3-10-16

Present: Martin Sarabura, Peter Hack, David Honey, Nick Crossley.

Review minutes of previous meeting - Approved.

Change Management

Chet had some OASIS formatting and reordering recommendations for OSLC Core; we need to apply those same changes to the draft Change Management spec.
ACTION: Jim Amsden to apply those changes.

Configuration Management

Nick: does Martin have any feedback on csets design?

Martin: wants to review further, then consider overlap with TRS, and patch mechanism. Will get back by end of this week.

David - Consider the old Aide de Camp design of a config mgmt system.

Martin: is there a standard for software delta representation?

Nick: Thought about it with OSLC SCM, but never completed/published a cset design with deltas.

Nick: will not attempt to merge back contribution validation hook to trunk - will leave that on csets branch for possible future consideration.

Any other business - no - meeting adjourned

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