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  1. Roll Call
  2. Scribe nomination
  3. Review minutes of previous meeting
  4. Change Management topics
  5. Configuration Management topics
  6. Any other business


Present: Martin Sarabura, David Honey, Nick Crossley, Peter Hack.

Chat transcript from room: oslc-ccm 2016-05-19 GMT-08:00

[07:04] Nick Crossley (IBM): Nick to scribe

[07:07] anonymous morphed into Peter Hack (IBM)

[07:07] Martin Sarabura (PTC): Previous minutes at

[07:08] Nick Crossley (IBM): Review minutes of previous meeting

[07:08] Nick Crossley (IBM): Minutes approved

[07:09] Nick Crossley (IBM): Change Management

[07:09] Nick Crossley (IBM): Jim out on vacation

[07:12] Nick Crossley (IBM): Nick still has outstanding action to send out email to CCM community asking for review of Change Management docs before we publish for CSD, in time for review by TC in next meeting.

[07:12] Nick Crossley (IBM): No other Change Management issues to discuss.

[07:12] Nick Crossley (IBM): Config Mgmt

[07:13] Nick Crossley (IBM):

[07:13] David Honey (IBM):

[07:18] Nick Crossley (IBM):

[07:31] Nick Crossley (IBM): Discussion of open issues

[07:31] Nick Crossley (IBM): Issue 19 - versioned type systems not yet ready for standardization, so issue should be deferred

[07:32] Nick Crossley (IBM): Issue 11 - not needed yet? Can defer this.

[07:33] Nick Crossley (IBM): Issue 13 - will probably get resolved along with issue 5 in handling of http error codes, etc.

[07:34] Nick Crossley (IBM): Issue 17 can be closed - the spec wording was clarified

[07:41] Nick Crossley (IBM): Issue 14 - deletion of baselines: Martin suggests non-normative text discussing what might happen when a baseline is deleted - for example, leave a stub resource to keep the provenance chain, or just return a 404. Modifying links leads to complications if the data is restored from an archive.

[07:55] Nick Crossley (IBM): Issue 20 - no business case for such a feature, and could be burdensome to maintain for a provider that had a dynamic mix of types in a configuration.

[07:58] Nick Crossley (IBM): Issue 22 - Nick to refine wording. There is value in the proposal.

[07:59] Nick Crossley (IBM): No other business

[07:59] Nick Crossley (IBM): Meeting adjourned

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