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  1. Roll Call
  2. Scribe nomination
  3. General discussion - no agenda sent in advance


Attendees: David Honey (Persistent/IBM), Nick Crossley (IBM), Jim Amsden (IBM)

David Honey (Persistent/IBM): David volunteered as scribe.

David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Nick has limited internet connectivity after power outage. So short informal meeting.

David Honey (Persistent/IBM):

David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Jim: Added oslc_cm:parent property to ChangeRequest which is inherited by all the subclasses. Is this sufficient?

David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Specification of ordering is not simple. Ordering might be dependent on the type of relation.

David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Jim: Propose spec doesn't mandate any mechanism. Include non-normative guidance showing a use case and example to achieve ordering.

David Honey (Persistent/IBM):

David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Representing before and after state. Is a reference to change set sufficient?

David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Should be covered in Config Management spec not Change Management spec.

David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Config Management spec is intentionally vague about change sets - might be a delta or a config.

David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Doesn't capture a before state.

David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Spec doesn't mandate change sets supported, or limit changes must be in change sets rather than streams or change sets.

David Honey (Persistent/IBM):

David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Overlap with issue 28. Proposes use of same oslc_cm:parent property.

David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Meeting adjourned.

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