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Group: OASIS OSLC Lifecycle Integration Core (OSLC Core) TC Creator: Steve Speicher


Steve Speicher (IBM)
Arnaud J Le Hors (IBM)
John Arwe (IBM)
John Arwe (IBM), Edward Barkmeyer (NIST), Bill Chown (Mentor Graphics Corporation), Nick Crossley (IBM), Jad El-khoury (Swedish Royal Institute of Technology), Chet Ensign (OASIS), Raul Garcia Castro (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid), David Green (Tasktop Technologies Inc.), Lin Ju (IBM), Harish Krishnaswamy (Software AG, Inc.), Arnaud Le Hors (IBM), Martin Pain (IBM), Axel Reichwein (Individual), Irina Schmidt (Fluid Operations), Steve Speicher (IBM)
  • Arnaud Le Hors (IBM) unanimously approved as chair of OSLC Core TC.
  • Unanimously agree to become affiliated with OSLC Member Section.
  • TC meeting remainder of 2013 every other Tue starting at 10AM US Eastern time for 90 minutes.
  • Arnaud to set up Doodle poll for 2014.

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2013-11-12 GMT-08:00 (Timestamps below are US Pacific)


[07:07] John Arwe (IBM): Introductions - name, affiliation, what you hope to get out of it.

[07:07] John Arwe (IBM): Everyone types their own - scribe cheers

[07:08] Arnaud J Le Hors (IBM): Standards Architect, Linked Data Standards Lead, chair of the W3C Linked Data Platform WG, IBM Software Standards group

[07:09] Steve Speicher (IBM): Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM Rational, lead for Rational's OSLC and Linked Data standardization activities

[07:10] Chet Ensign (OASIS): Oversee TC activity and standards development at OASIS; ombudsman for TCs to OASIS staff and board of directors; here to answer any questions you may have at the first meeting

[07:10] Axel Reichwein (Koneksys): active in OMG and INCOSE systems engineering communities, developer of OSLC-based solutions

[07:11] David Green, Tasktop Technologies: David Green, VP of Architecture at Tasktop Technologies. Our mission is to connect the world of software delivery and OSLC is a big part of that. We have an implementation of OSLC in our product, and we'd like to be a part of the evolution of OSLC.

[07:12] Harish K (Software AG): Harish K - Lead the Tools/Integration Core UI team under the webMethods product line in Software AG. This is a baby step for me the world of Open Standards. Hoping to learn, figure out quickly how I can

[07:12] Harish K (Software AG): participate and contribute.

[07:13] Irina Schmidt (fluidOps): Irina Schmidt, Marketing Director at fluidOps, offering platform for Linked Data application development, looking to integrate OSLC into our products

[07:15] John Arwe (IBM): Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM Cloud + Smarter Infrastructure, lead for CSI's OSLC and Linked Data work

[07:15] Jad El-khoury (KTH): Researcher at KTH (universtiy in Sweden, Mechatronics Lab). Involved and have taken the lead in some EU projects dealing with tool integration. Leading the ES User Group, and work internally with LYo.

[07:15] Martin Pain (IBM): Martin Pain, IBM (Rational), Currently joint-chair of OSLC Automation WG at Developer of OSLC-based integrations in Rational Test Virtualization Server service virtualization products (formerly Green Hat).

[07:15] Lin Ju (IBM): Lin Ju: OSLC Community Development Senior Manager from IBM Rational, Before Joining OSLC team, I has managed a number of Product Development and System testing projects such as HR BI Solution, CC, CQ, Rational Insight and RQM Jazz based products in Managed Business Process Services organization and Rational. I am currently managing OSLC Community development team, work with Steve together to help working within Rational team to help direct Rational's Development community's participation, active involvement and contribution into our community through business scenario generation and implementation of specification. I am very happy to work with you in the past a few months during this TC forming.

[07:15] Nick Crossley (IBM): Technical Architect for IBM Rationals Product Line Engineering solution (based on linked data). I have worked with OSLC Core at, was lead of older OSLC SCM effort, and currently lead of newer OSLC Configuration Management workgroup.

[07:16] Bill Chown morphed into Bill Chown (Mentor Graphics), product manager of OSLC toolset, OMG Board member, INCOSE Cascade Chapter

[07:17] RaulGarciaCastro (UPM): Assistant Professor at Universidad Polit?cnica de Madrid. Interested in having a stable set of specifications and vocabularies to build upon

Call for nominations for chair

[07:20] John Arwe (IBM): Only one on list was Steve's nom for Arnaud. Any others? None heard.

Election of chair

[07:20] John Arwe (IBM): Objections to unanimous approval of Arnaud as chair? None heard.

[07:21] John Arwe (IBM): Arnaud Le Hors (IBM) unanimously approved as chair of OSLC Core TC.

[07:22] Steve Speicher (IBM): I see Irina's TC membership has just come in

Welcome from OASIS Staff

[07:22] Steve Speicher (IBM):

[07:22] Steve Speicher (IBM): ODP version

[07:27] John Arwe (IBM): Chet Ensign goes through files linked above

[07:34] John Arwe (IBM): Q: are committee spec drafts public? Yes - everything you produce will be public, even working drafts kept in TC repo

[07:38] John Arwe (IBM): Chet: fastest we've seen something get to OASIS std is 1 year.

[07:38] John Arwe (IBM): Steve Speicher: for comparison with OSLC at, there we stop at the equivalent of OASIS Committee Spec.

[07:40] John Arwe (IBM): 6 & 7 is a dup slide, ignore either ;-)

[07:41] John Arwe (IBM): bottom line: quorum is >=50% of voting members; less than that, cannot vote on anything

[07:42] John Arwe (IBM): ... those who joined before the 7-day deadline, start with voting rights. if you miss 2 meetings in a row, lose voting rights. must attend 2 in a row to regain those rights.

[07:42] John Arwe (IBM): Good practice at end of each meeting: chair emails list saying who gained/lost voting rights as of the end of that meeting.

[07:43] John Arwe (IBM): Only time voting rights "really matter" is when you're approving something. For day to day, less important.

[07:46] John Arwe (IBM): Q: in oslc specs were wikis; allowed in OASIS? Can produce that way, but to publish must be documents in html/pdf. Many use Word, open doc formats. Mainly to lock down content.

[07:47] Bill Chown (Mentor Graphics), product manager of OSLC toolset, OMG Board member, INCOSE Cascade Chapter morphed into Bill Chown (Mentor Graphics): product manager of OSLC toolset, OMG Board member, INCOSE Cascade Chapter

[07:47] John Arwe (IBM): Q: respec ok? sure, editable html source is fine you'd be second TC to ask for that. makes my (chet's life easier)

[07:47] John Arwe (IBM): Intro for someone joining call a bit late.

Review of Charter

[07:50] Steve Speicher (IBM):

[07:50] John Arwe (IBM): Arnaud: anyone should feel free to speak up. if there's contention for the mic, use the "raise hand" button in lower right of the chat window.

[07:51] John Arwe (IBM): Charter that was sent out with CfParticipation was slightly different than what's on the link above, due to addition of support statements etc during CfP

[07:51] Ed Barkmeyer: NIST (US DoCommerce): Unit mission is support for standards for manufacturing information interchange. I was principal NIST rep to OMG.

[07:51] Chet Ensign (OASIS): Charter can be found here ->

[07:52] John Arwe (IBM): Scope ... common integration needs, e.g. those listed in charter.

[07:53] John Arwe (IBM): Currently no MS-affiliated TCs, but we're assuming a migration from open-services WGs to OASIS TCs

[07:53] John Arwe (IBM): is the page Steve is talking about (I think)

[07:55] John Arwe (IBM): Core TC reviews committee specs within member section

[07:59] John Arwe (IBM): Arnaud: my role as chair is stick to scope, deliver what's in charter, on the schedule in charter. expect me to push in that direction.

Vote to become affiliated with OSLC Member Section

[08:00] John Arwe (IBM): Technically we have to decide to become affiliated; we vote to ask, and then MS steering committee must approve (2 steps)

[08:00] John Arwe (IBM): Proposal: unanimously agree to become affiliated with OSLC Member Section

[08:01] John Arwe (IBM): Arnaud: approved without any objections

Discussion on taking "seed" documents/spec and how to progress

[08:02] Steve Speicher (IBM): See ones listed as OASIS under target SDO

[08:02] John Arwe (IBM): Contributions are planned from

[08:06] John Arwe (IBM): Assumption is that anything OASIS TC accepts as input will effectively move into OASIS (further work *in* OSLC would stop/change to maintanence mode)

[08:07] John Arwe (IBM): Ed (NIST) discovery very important to our work

[08:08] John Arwe (IBM): Axel: use mailing list to email TC? y

[08:08] John Arwe (IBM): Arnaud: mailing list will be main communication channel

Spec editors

[08:09] John Arwe (IBM): Arnaud: need editors for the specs

[08:09] Steve Speicher (IBM): I volunteer to be editor

[08:10] John Arwe (IBM): case, if you have interest in an area chime in.

[08:10] John Arwe (IBM): John Arwe (for self, not as scribe): I'm familiar with many of the base specs, and also familiar with the Respec tool (if we decide to use that)

[08:11] John Arwe (IBM): Raul: spec priorities? Steve Speicher: in open-services we focused first on what became LDP, now think UI and discovery would be next

[08:12] John Arwe (IBM): Ed: tentative volunteer as editor, need to get internal approvals before formally committting

Meeting logistics

[08:14] John Arwe (IBM): mailing list will be main communication channel, will have telecons, might have face to face meetings

[08:15] John Arwe (IBM): agenda has proposal for 90 minutes every second week. fun part is selecting slot(s).

[08:16] John Arwe (IBM): If we don't need the full slot for any given meeting, no one will mind if we end early.

[08:16] John Arwe (IBM): Arnaud: this slot is good for me; could also set up doodle poll.

[08:17] John Arwe (IBM): Steve Speicher: let's start up assuming zero face to face meetings, see if TC really wants them.

[08:18] John Arwe (IBM): Arnaud: some times F2F (face to face) meetings needed to resolve contentious issues. also costs more money and time. no current F2F plans, so play by ear.

[08:18] Steve Speicher (IBM): 10 ET works for me quite well too

[08:21] John Arwe (IBM): Use this slot for remainder of 2013, will start poll for 2014.

[08:23] John Arwe (IBM): Resolved: TC meeting remainder of 2013 every other Tue starting at 10AM US Eastern time for 90 minutes

[08:24] John Arwe (IBM): Arnaud to set up Doodle poll for 2014.

[08:25] John Arwe (IBM): Nick: that means we'd meet on Dec 24 as last 2013 meeting. will we? Arnaud: decide at Dec 10 meeting.

[08:26] Ed Barkmeyer: The Issue tracker is JIRA, right?

[08:27] Steve Speicher (IBM): Ed, yes that is my understanding

[08:27] John Arwe (IBM): Minutes to go on wiki

[08:27] John Arwe (IBM): Steve Speicher: typically TCs put in documents in repo.

[08:28] John Arwe (IBM): Chet: only reqt is to submit minutes to mailing list. that can be a link to a wiki, or minutes can be in email body, etc

[08:30] John Arwe (IBM): Arnaud: meeting adjourned

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