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Arnaud J Le Hors (IBM)
Harish Krishnaswamy (Software AG)
Nick Crossley (IBM), David Green (Tasktop Technologies Inc.), ian green (IBM), Lin Ju (IBM), Harish Krishnaswamy (Software AG, Inc.), Arnaud Le Hors (IBM), Steve Speicher (IBM), Samuel Padgett (IBM), Martin Pain (IBM)
  • Unanimously approve minutes of 26 November
  • 2014 calls will be every other Thursday at 10am US ET, starting on January 9
  • Next call will be on 9 January 2014
  • Unanimously accept documents from
  • Ian Green to be editor of Linking Guidance doc
  • Steve Speicher to be editor of URI Naming Guidance doc and Defining Vocabs doc
  • None

Original Chat transcript from room: oslc

2013-12-10 GMT-08:00 (Timestamps below are US Pacific)

Chat transcript from room: oslc

Roll Call

[07:04] Harish (Software AG): harish in.

[07:06] Steve Speicher (IBM): Hi, I'm here

[07:06] Martin Pain (IBM): Martin's here

[07:06] Samuel Padgett (IBM): I'm here as well

[07:06] Nick Crossley (IBM): Nick is here.

[07:06] David Green (Tasktop Technologies): David Green is here

[07:06] Lin Ju (IBM): Lin is here.

[07:08] ian green (ibm): no objection

[07:09] Harish (Software AG): arnaud: attendees - make at least one comment to the chat window

Approval of Minutes of 26 November

[07:10] Harish (Software AG): approval of minutes of meeting - Nov 26. Approved without any objections.

Doodle poll on 2014 TC calls

[07:10] Harish (Software AG): Doodle Poll - Thu 10 am works for the most number of people

[07:11] Harish (Software AG): so we will do every other thursday for 90 mins. from hereon.

Next call schedule

[07:13] Harish (Software AG): Preferences sought for the next call.

[07:14] Nick Crossley (IBM): I agree - skipping until January seems to me the most logical choice

[07:15] Steve Speicher (IBM): +1 to skipping last 2013 meeting

[07:16] Harish (Software AG): proposal for meetings to resume on Jan 9 - no objections. unanimously approved.

[07:32] ian green (ibm): ian's here

OSLC Architecture and Development plan

[07:56] Harish (Software AG): Walk-through of the core-arch-and-specs.

[07:57] Harish (Software AG): by Steve Speicher.

Review and acceptance of seed documents

[07:57] Steve Speicher (IBM): I sent the documents in this email:

[07:58] Steve Speicher (IBM): Let's start with "OSLC Core URI Naming Guidance.html"

[08:06] Harish (Software AG): i'm afraid i didn't catch much of that..appreciate if the speakers could add a quick note on any important points. thanks.

[08:08] Steve Speicher (IBM): Ian was asking how difficult it would be to "mix in" new terms into a different namespace

[08:08] Steve Speicher (IBM): Steve was saying that we should keep the namespace as

[08:10] Harish (Software AG): in 2014 - we could request funding to preserve the domain names

[08:10] Harish (Software AG): and officially owned by the oslc member section

[08:11] Harish (Software AG): moving onto the next document - Links

[08:18] Harish (Software AG): going through Vocabs 3.0

[08:22] ian green (ibm): ian accepts

[08:22] Harish (Software AG): proposal to accept the documents from

[08:22] Steve Speicher (IBM): +1

[08:23] Steve Speicher (IBM): I will be willing to take on editing these (pull them together as appropriate TC docs and outline outstanding tasks to complete

[08:24] Harish (Software AG): no objections. no comments or questions thus far.

[08:24] ian green (ibm): I can take Linking Guidance

[08:24] ian green (ibm): sooner rather than later

[08:24] ian green (ibm): to get involved

[08:25] Harish (Software AG): Steve and Ian volunteered for the editing tasks.

[08:27] ian green (ibm): merry xmas

Any other business

[08:27] Harish (Software AG): we will meet again on call in 2014 Jan 9. Wishing you all good holidays, Christmas and New Year

[08:27] Harish (Software AG): thanks everyone.. bye


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