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Arnaud J Le Hors (IBM)
Martin Pain (IBM)
Arnaud J Le Hors (IBM) David Green (Tasktop Technologies) Erich Meier (Method Park) Harish (Software AG) jim conallen (IBM) John Arwe (IBM) Lin Ju (IBM) Martin Pain (IBM) Sam Padgett (IBM) Steve Speicher (IBM), Ian Green (IBM)
Axel Reichwein, Nick Crossley
  • Unanimously approve minutes of 23 January
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Original Chat transcript from room: oslc

Chat transcript from room: oslc

2014-02-06 GMT-08:00 (Timestamps below are US Pacific)

Roll Call

[07:08] Martin Pain (IBM): Roll call: Arnaud J Le Hors (IBM) David Green (Tasktop Technologies) Erich Meier (Method Park) Harish (Software AG) jim conallen (IBM) John Arwe (IBM) Lin Ju (IBM) Martin Pain (IBM) Sam Padgett (IBM) Steve Speicher (IBM)

[07:08] Steve Speicher (IBM): Regrets: Axel

[07:10] Martin Pain (IBM): Eric Meier introduced himself and Method Park as a new member of the Core TC

[07:10] anonymous morphed into ian green

[07:11] Steve Speicher (IBM): Maybe Erich can insert into the forum his intro, so others to see in the future (Erich can go back and look at our intros)

Approval of minutes of last meeting (January 23)

[07:11] Martin Pain (IBM): No objections to approving minutes. Minutes approved.

Next call February 20

[07:12] Martin Pain (IBM): No conflicts raised for next call date of Feb 20th

[07:12] Erich Meier (Method Park): Will do, Steve

[07:12] ian green: ian green joined (apologies i'm late)

[07:12] Martin Pain (IBM): (Addition to roll call: Ian Green)

Spec authoring

Nothing to report

Use Cases & Requirements for development and evolution of vocabularies

[07:12] Steve Speicher (IBM):

[07:14] Steve Speicher (IBM): Use Case and Requirements for Vocabulary usage/needs -

[07:14] Martin Pain (IBM): Still gathering use case requirements

[07:14] John Arwe (IBM): what can we be doing in parallel?

[07:15] Steve Speicher (IBM): More UC&Rs

[07:16] Martin Pain (IBM): Arnaud: We won't wait for use cases to settle before moving on, so we will be doing things in parallel. When new requirements come in we will discuss addressing them or not.

[07:17] Steve Speicher (IBM):

[07:17] Martin Pain (IBM): Steve: Lots of things on the spec roadmap are already being done in parallel

LDP review

[07:21] Steve Speicher (IBM): LDP Editor's Draft

[07:22] Martin Pain (IBM): Arnaud reported on the last call draft and the comments received from them, and the ongoing schedule.

[07:23] Martin Pain (IBM): LDP will be publishing a second "last call" due to significant changes from the previous one.

[07:29] Martin Pain (IBM): Steve reported on some of the differences from OSLC's original submission to LDP with the current state of LDP. Some of the stumbling blocks with accepting that back into OSLC is terms like "creating factory", "query capability" have disappeared. The terminology is now based around "containers", which can also in OSLC have things like delegated UI dialogs layered over the top.

[07:30] Martin Pain (IBM): Paging is another large change

[07:32] Martin Pain (IBM): John noted that the concept of "containment" has been added.

[07:33] John Arwe (IBM): when reading LDP, OSLC's creation/query capabilities correspond to LDP's Direct containers (not basic or indirect)

[07:34] John Arwe (IBM): It's also CRITICAL at this point in time that you use the LDP *Editor's* draft at the link above, not the latest public working draft. It will be probably another month before the next PWD is published, and the terminology has changed quite a bit.

[07:36] Martin Pain (IBM): original concept of "membership" was loose as regards the members' lifecycle. The WG recognised two different type of membership: "membership" and "containment", where the latter has a stronger tie between the container and its contained resources, with stronger requirements for the resources lifecycle.

[07:38] Martin Pain (IBM): Are there examples of use cases for each of these scenarios? John: there is definitely a use case document, but a simple analogy works: containment is like class-instance in OO, or directory-file in a file system. Membership is more like a "list" or a "view".

[07:38] Steve Speicher (IBM): For reference, LDP Use Case and Requirements

[07:39] Martin Pain (IBM): (remove class-instance analogy from previous comment)

[07:39] Martin Pain (IBM): containment implies cascaded delete, membership implies nothing

[07:41] John Arwe (IBM): When the stronger relation is in effect (contains), there is a specific named relation visible... the controlling factor is not "is it a container", it's "does that relation exist or not"

[07:46] John Arwe (IBM): IIRC in OSLC paging there is both client-initiated and server-initiated; in LDP, it's only server-initiated (client-initiated could still be done as an OSLC extension I'm sure, otherwise something is grossly broken)

[07:49] Martin Pain (IBM): Steve: Reminder that the resource shape work is neither under LDP WG or OSLC Core TC, but a new W3C WG in the RDF validation area.

[07:53] Martin Pain (IBM): = Any other business Steve re-iterated that there's a new use case & requirements page

Meeting adjourned

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