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Arnaud J Le Hors (IBM)
Jim Conallen (IBM)
Arnaud J Le Hors (IBM) jim conallen (IBM) Martin Pain (IBM) Martin Sarabura (PTC) Nick Crossley (IBM) Sam Padgett (IBM) Steve Speicher (IBM)
Ian Green (IBM), John Arwe (IBM)
  • Minutes of 4 September approved unanimously
  • Next TC call will be on 2 October 2014
  • Steve to look into the proposed DAM charter
  • Sam to review Automation draft

Original Chat transcript from room: oslc

Chat transcript from room: oslc

2014-09-18 GMT-08:00

[07:02] jim conallen (IBM): jim, for some unknown reason that only his therapist might discover later, voluntered to scribe today

Roll Call

[07:03] jim conallen (IBM): regrets Ian Green, John Arwe

[07:05] Arnaud J Le Hors (IBM): attendees: Arnaud J Le Hors (IBM) jim conallen (IBM) Martin Pain (IBM) Martin Sarabura (PTC) Nick Crossley (IBM) Sam Padgett (IBM) Steve Speicher (IBM)

Approval of Minutes 4 Sep

[07:05] jim conallen (IBM): Approval of 4-Sep-2014 minutes: no objections

[07:05] jim conallen (IBM): approved

Next meeting

[07:06] jim conallen (IBM): next meeting 2-Oct-014

Namespaces status

[07:07] jim conallen (IBM): Steve: we can continue to use the existing namespace.

[07:09] jim conallen (IBM): IBM continues to own the domain

[07:10] jim conallen (IBM): Arnaud: meet goals of not having to have everyone change existing systems.

[07:12] jim conallen (IBM): Steve: continue to serve up all vocab documents, some will be stored on oasis side and be routed by proxy. end user will see no difference. new terms will be added through the TC who owns the voacab term.

OASIS Respec update

[07:14] jim conallen (IBM): Steve worked very hard on template, intial response balked at, but progress being made

[07:16] jim conallen (IBM): Steve: still fair amount of work to be done. only tested with a few specs.

Specification Template

[07:17] Steve Speicher (IBM): Template:

[07:18] Martin Pain (IBM): Specs in svn:

[07:22] jim conallen (IBM): MartinP: suggestion to have all english things first, then technical things together

[07:22] jim conallen (IBM): (did i get this right Martin?)

[07:23] jim conallen (IBM): Steve: shapes stored as separate document and included

[07:23] Martin Pain (IBM): yes

[07:24] Martin Pain (IBM): "technical things" includes resource shape tables, resource type/property definitions (vocab), conformance clauses, etc.

[07:26] Steve Speicher (IBM): I'd like to find a way to minimize the "Notices" and other upfront "stuff", I'd prefer to get to the meat of the spec

[07:27] jim conallen (IBM): Arnaud: a work product is a set of documents that move through process as a whole. can include schemas etc. The whole work product is worked on (approved/not approved).

[07:29] jim conallen (IBM): Arnaud: OSLC Core could be a single work product. But we are not stuck with this, we revise whole work product. Can associate different pieces by name. As we get closer to publish, we have flexibility to organize work products.

[07:30] jim conallen (IBM): Steve: this matches what we talked about. moving core 3 as a package (multi-part work product is official OASIS term)

[07:31] Steve Speicher (IBM): I've updated some of the details on deliverables at


[07:34] jim conallen (IBM): Martin: recently saw this oasis announcement. is this something we should join

[07:36] jim conallen (IBM): Steve: would be worthwhile if someone did further investigation and reported back

[07:37] jim conallen (IBM): Steve: asset management is includes in configuration management.

[07:38] jim conallen (IBM): Arnaud: volunteers?? crickets chirping

[07:38] jim conallen (IBM): Steve: I will volunteer (a silent collective sigh on conf call)

[07:39] Steve Speicher (IBM): Steve to look into the proposed DAM charter


[07:40] jim conallen (IBM): Martin: Ian Green (only non contributor to review) provided detailed review. Martin feels it is ready.

[07:40] jim conallen (IBM): MartinP: would like others to review if possible.

[07:41] jim conallen (IBM): Arnaud: was spec transistioned to OASIS yet? No. this will be an example of one of the first.

[07:42] jim conallen (IBM): Nick: will be some time before have time to look into spec.

[07:43] jim conallen (IBM): MartinP: there are three new sections. just need someone to see if things being done right.

[07:43] jim conallen (IBM): MartinP: diving into scenarios will be nice too

[07:44] jim conallen (IBM): MartinP: have reviews done in about a month

[07:50] jim conallen (IBM): Arnaud: don't have to get to finalization (high bar). Reviews will help get as close as possible. We need to identify people. When we ask people in general, doesn't happen. Only when people are named does it seem to happen. We need some names?

[07:50] jim conallen (IBM): Steve am interested, Nick interested but not available for 3-4 weeks

[07:50] jim conallen (IBM): anyone? crickets chirping

[07:51] jim conallen (IBM): Sam: i can look into it too

Actions 2.0

[07:52] jim conallen (IBM): MartinP: action items less than 10 to address.

[07:53] jim conallen (IBM): MartinP: reviewing points in email

[07:55] jim conallen (IBM): Arnaud: Martin is asking for review (Nick is on hook for review). Questions raised for decision.

[07:56] Martin Pain (IBM): Adding details to the Core vocabulary from Actions 2.0:

[07:57] jim conallen (IBM): MartinP: 5 terms to be added to core vocab. 1 of them to common properties

[07:59] jim conallen (IBM): Arnaud: any other comments to this spec? any other reviewers?

[08:01] jim conallen (IBM): Arnaud: at top of hour. there are additional things that are work in progress. we can close call now

Status update

[08:02] jim conallen (IBM): Sam: update on attachments; propose we move to core, workgroup seemed supportive. notices went out on email list

[08:03] jim conallen (IBM): Nick: config context header. rfc not written yet. want to refine some details. look for other overlapping issues. there have been some significant changes to config management spec

Meeting adjourned

[08:03] jim conallen (IBM): Arnaud: close call

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