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Arnaud J Le Hors (IBM)
Ian Green (IBM)
Arnaud J Le Hors (IBM), Bill Chown (Mentor Graphics), Harish K (Software AG), Ian Green (IBM), Martin Sarabura (PTC), Samuel Padgett (IBM), Steve Speicher (IBM)
Jim Conallen (IBM), Nick Crossley (IBM)
  • Minutes of 11 December 2014 approved unanimously
  • Next TC call will be on 22 January 2015
  • Add oslc:archived to Core
  • Ian Green & Martin Sarabura to review Attachments 3.0

  • All : read Overview 3.0 document and come with feedback to the next call.

Original Chat transcript from room: oslc

Roll Call

[07:00] Harish K (Software AG: Arnaud: Unfortunately, I am on a critical customer call that looks like it would run beyond the schedule time. I will join the meeting as soon as I am able to. My Apologies.

[07:08] Arnaud J Le Hors (IBM): attendees: Arnaud J Le Hors (IBM) Bill Chown (Mentor Graphics) Harish K (Software AG ian green Martin Sarabura (PTC) Samuel Padgett (IBM) Steve Speicher (IBM)

Approval of Minutes of 11 December 2014

[07:09] ian green: minutes from december 11th approved

Next Call

[07:09] ian green: next meeting 2 weeks hence - 22nd Jan.

[07:11] ian green: adding oslc:archived to Core. Requesting formal resolution following discussion.

Proposal: add oslc:archived to Core

[07:11] ian green: Agreement that this proposal to add to the spec is accepted. Steve will add this to the spec.

[07:11] ian green: ian +1

[07:11] Martin Sarabura (PTC): +1

[07:11] Steve Speicher (IBM): +1

[07:12] Bill Chown (Mentor Graphics): +1

[07:12] Samuel Padgett (IBM): +1

[07:12] ian green: motion to add oslc:archived to the Core spec approved

Status update

[07:14] ian green: oasis tc charter sets some expectations about deliverables. this tc has passed 1st birthday

[07:15] ian green: tc must set expectations in this respect - clear idea what next stage is, when it will be reached. at least list of formal tc specifications

[07:17] Steve Speicher (IBM): I've updated the "working docs" portion of the wiki with a table, to hopefully provide better status and target date info

[07:22] ian green: Steve will update this "working docs" wiki page to be comprehensive; add information on what state the document is in

[07:24] ian green: Sam: Discovery 3.0 is in good shape for tc spec. improvements could be made in introduction. Guidance needs additional fleshing out and review.

[07:25] Bill Chown (Mentor Graphics): Dropping off. Thanks.

[07:25] ian green: Generally, clarity is desired around suitability for review.

[07:26] ian green: Sam: can target next tc meeting as date for review for Preview 3.0.

[07:28] ian green: Sam: Delegated Dialogs 3.0. Some technical changes being considered. Not expecting substantial changes.

[07:30] ian green: Steve: broadly, scope and content of DD 3.0 is settled.

[07:30] ian green: Arnaud: need to two people for a review, different from authors/editors

[07:31] ian green: Sam: Attachments 3.0 ready for review.

[07:32] ian green: Ian & Martin to be Attachments 3.0 reviewers

[07:33] ian green: Both Ian and Martin will try to review within 2 weeks

[07:39] ian green: Ian: Link Guidance 3.0: Ian to take action to meet with Jim to understand better what Jim's thoughts are in this area, and whether progress can be made.

[07:42] ian green: Steve: Compatibility with 2.0: progress has been made, but no milestone dates

[07:43] ian green: Steve: Actions 2.0 - need to transition this to OASIS. Steve believes no more work is required (Martin Pain had some concerns with the way the spec was expressed).

[07:46] Steve Speicher (IBM): Overview 3.0:

[07:46] ian green: Steve: Overview 3.0 - ready for review. Comments have been solicited, but no f/b yet received. Arnaud pushing that this document can be reviewed now, and by all TC members.

[07:47] ian green: Action (all) : read this Overview 3.0 document and come with f/b to the next call.

[07:49] ian green: Agreement that this covers all items.

[07:49] ian green: Any other business?

[07:50] ian green: Regular scheduling for 60 mins agreeable to all - let Arnaud know if not.

[07:51] ian green: No other business. Call closing.

Meeting ends

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