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Steve Speicher (IBM)


David Green (Tasktop Technologies)


David Green (Tasktop Technologies), Martin Pain (IBM), Nick Crossley (IBM), Samuel Padgett (IBM), Steve Speicher (IBM), Harish (Software AG)


Arnaud, Arthur, Ian, Martin S



Roll Call

[07:03] Steve Speicher (IBM): Agenda:

[07:06] Steve Speicher (IBM): Regrets: Arnaud, Arthur, Ian, Martin S

[07:06] Steve Speicher (IBM): Attendees: David Green (Tasktop Technologies) Martin Pain (IBM) Nick Crossley (IBM) Samuel Padgett (IBM) Steve Speicher (IBM)

[07:08] Harish (Software AG): Harish joining in.

[07:14] Steve Speicher (IBM): Attendees: + Harish (Software AG)

[07:08] David Green (Tasktop Technologies): David Green to scribe

[07:08] Steve Speicher (IBM):

[07:10] David Green (Tasktop Technologies): Approval of previous meeting minutes: no objections, approved

Diagramming Tools

[07:14] David Green (Tasktop Technologies): Discussion about diagraming tools, no decision

Steve Speicher: Looking to find a good simple free diagramming tool for specification author and general maintenance. Often times spec authors use proprietary tool and generate PNG, makes are for others to update.

David Green: not really endorsing any tools, though is a basic service that has used before

Nick Crossley: has used ArgoUML as well

Spec Progress

[07:14] Steve Speicher (IBM): Discovery:

[07:17] David Green (Tasktop Technologies): Link relation header: should we put in a known predicate? Client reading feed could add a triple that uses the standard predicate.

[07:18] Steve Speicher (IBM): PROPOSED: Use a standard predicate for feeding indexes based on link relationship type: <>;

[07:21] David Green (Tasktop Technologies): No objections to using header

[07:22] David Green (Tasktop Technologies): Section 5.3 of Discovery: reusing LDP term "Constrained By" that takes a container - link relation to URI that describes constraints.

[07:22] David Green (Tasktop Technologies): Could be resource shapes, could be HTML page, etc.

[07:22] David Green (Tasktop Technologies): proposal to use a new term rather than LDP term

[07:22] Steve Speicher (IBM): PROPOSED: define a shape-specific relationship type, such as oslc:creationShape

[07:30] Martin Pain (IBM): The LDP spec says: " LDP servers MUST publish any constraints on LDP clients ability to create or update LDPRs, by adding a Link header with an appropriate context URI, a link relation of, and a target URI identifying a set of constraints [RFC5988], to all responses to requests that fail due to violation of those constraints."

[07:30] Martin Pain (IBM): "The same Link header MAY be provided on other responses."

[07:32] Steve Speicher (IBM): Leaning towards using oslc:creationConstrainedBy rel type

[07:35] David Green (Tasktop Technologies): Delegated dialog: conformance section largely the same, doesn't mention window name

[07:36] David Green (Tasktop Technologies): requesting feedback: cardinality, required fields

[07:36] David Green (Tasktop Technologies): can we reuse same shape with statement "server must not reject prefill request because it's missing required fields", or change shape so that no fields are required

[07:37] David Green (Tasktop Technologies): Steve: advise on not rejecting request approach

[07:37] David Green (Tasktop Technologies): benefit with shape reuse

[07:39] Martin Pain (IBM):

[07:43] David Green (Tasktop Technologies): request for reviewers

[07:44] David Green (Tasktop Technologies): Samuel to assist

[07:46] David Green (Tasktop Technologies): Common vocabulary: review feedback received

[07:46] Steve Speicher (IBM):

[07:59] David Green (Tasktop Technologies): Martin proposing to contribute ...(what?)

[08:01] Martin Pain (IBM): Martin will contribute Actions 2.0 as the basis for Actions 3.0

[08:01] David Green (Tasktop Technologies): Thanks Martin

[08:01] Martin Pain (IBM): Martin also noted that the Automatino TC will be meeting to discuss whether & how to proceed with Automation 3.0

Meeting Adjourned

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