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  1. Scribe nomination
  2. Roll Call
  3. Approval of May 25 minutes

  4. Next meeting June 22, 2017

  5. Actions from the previous meeting
    • Martin to see if there is interest on PTC side to volunteer for OSLC v3
    • Jim to poll OSLC community regarding moving to github
    • Jim to check on Eclipse Public License terms in regards to the move
    • Jim to find out how to update namespaces on
    • Jim to send email to all TCs regarding migration of content for
  6. Topics
    • Getting statements of use
    • Migration of content
    • TRS
  7. Other business

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Chat transcript from room: oslc

[07:03] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): David volunteered as scribe.

[07:04] Martin Sarabura (PTC):

[07:04] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Minutes accepted.

[07:04] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Next meeting June 22nd.

[07:07] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Still looking for resources to assist with Eclipse Lyo reference implementation.

[07:07] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Action item for MArtin: Will contact Koneksys to see if they can participate.

[07:08] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Also post to OSLC community.

[07:15] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Jad: Can Jim identify what needs to be done to the generator?

[07:16] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Jim: Will summarize overall architecture, identify gaps for 3.0, applicability of sample code..

[07:17] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Sample is not intended to be basis of production implementation.

[07:19] Jim Amsden: - [ ] Review oslcv3 note on mailing list summarizing findings: * overall architecture including persistence * how does it do the conversion to/from POJOs and RDF * gap with current OSLC v3.0 * applicability as sample template for code generator - what would the code generator generate

[07:20] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Action items for Jim...

[07:20] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Jim did email Eclipse Lyo dev, about reorganize to github.

[07:21] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Jad was only responder/

[07:22] Jim Amsden: Gunnar Wagenknecht is the eclipse/tools PMC lead - we need to ask him about moving content to GitHub and eclipse licenses

[07:24] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): public static String emailAddress() { return String.format("%s@%s", "gunnar", ""); }

[07:25] David Honey (Persistent/IBM):

[07:26] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Nick: What's our strategy for Lyo?

[07:26] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Barriers: Significant dependencies in code.

[07:27] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Jim: There is a rough plan. Includes all of comments collected from Nick and others.

[07:28] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Working on a 2.2 release. Jad also making changes.

[07:29] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Use of Apache Wink - stable, little reason to use something else.

[07:30] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Nick: Action item, has found several bugs in OSLC client usage. Will raise issues for these bugs.

[07:32] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Nick: Although Wink not directly exposed through API. It is exposed through annotations.

[07:32] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Hearing choppy audio - is it just me?

[07:32] Martin Sarabura (PTC): yeah

[07:32] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Better now.

[07:32] Martin Sarabura (PTC): hear it too, seems to be better

[07:33] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Changing use of Wink would break client compatibility.

[07:40] Jad El-khoury (KTH): Andrii Berezovskyi <>

[07:40] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Jim willing to talk to Andrii Berezovskyi about collaboration for his PhD.

[07:41] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Jim: - changes make it impossible to edit the site.

[07:42] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Cost of fixing the issue unknown.

[07:43] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Koneksys is migrating that site. Not motivated to make changes to old site.

[07:46] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Would be helpful to preserve URIs for specs so that bookmarks continue to work. For example, Javadoc might show links to specs.

[07:50] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Jim: Should talk to Chet about how to get existing 2.0 docs published on Oasis.

[07:51] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): If Koneksys can implement the redirects, it breaks dependency on docs.

[07:52] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Be able to view history of spec development is very useful. Should try to preserve that history.

[07:52] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Koneksys has agreed to archive content - form of which currently unknown.

[07:56] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Jim: Questions on LPA and project area associations. Nick can help with design principles, but not on actual usage.

[07:57] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Nick: Might have time to look at TRS spec, and ReSpec. Action item on TRS spec work is still open.

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