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  3. Approval of May 3 minutes

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Chat transcript from room: oslc

[14:08] Andrew Berezovskyi (KTH):
[14:08] Jim Amsden: Minutes approved
[14:09] Jim Amsden: Jim Scribe
[14:09] Martin Sarabura: In case I don't get in the wording we should use for the resolution is this: I move to approve the Chair requesting that TC Administration hold a Special Majority Ballot to approve <Committee Specification Draft title and version number> contained in <URL to Committee Specification Draft> as a Committee Specification.
[14:09] Jim Amsden: Actions Martin to request new committee specification review Jim to create the published PDFs once we get the OK from OASIS Andrew to clarify issue 168 Nick to ensure the issues raised in 168 are addressed in the non-normative guidance
[14:10] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Apologies for late joining.
[14:11] Jim Amsden:
[14:14] Jim Amsden: Nick is writing a document addressing issue 168, not ready yet, Nick hopefully will have it ready next week.
[14:14] Jim Amsden: TC can look at that document and then decide what may be included as normative or non-normative text in the spec.
[14:15] Jim Amsden: otherwise it could be a committee note
[14:16] Jim Amsden: could result in some discussion
[14:16] Jim Amsden: Andrew thinks the current paging is not stable
[14:16] Jim Amsden: as implemented by eclipse/Lyo
[14:18] Jim Amsden: David had action to update query spec to cover paging and ResponseInfo.
[14:18] Jim Amsden: Next step is for the TC to review the entire query spec (which still contains editorial comments).
[14:20] Jim Amsden: Only open issue is with potentially long request URIs, buy also supporting POST. Introduced oslcPost vocab term.
[14:24] Jim Amsden: Jim is concerned that this new property is being included in Core CS02 without sufficient review, examples and vote to accept/resolve issue.
[14:28] Jim Amsden: config management might also result in long URIs if using the oslc_config query parameter instead of the Configuration_Context header
[14:30] Jim Amsden: headers can be used, but they're not the same a using URL and query parameter because they can't be bookmarked, and the URLs can't be compared
[14:31] Jim Amsden: we can minimally address this GET/POST issue in core, and allow the other specifications to deal with their specific needs.

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