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  1. Scribe nomination
  2. Roll Call
  3. Approval of Meetings/Telecon2018.06.21 minutes

  4. Next meeting Meetings/Telecon2018.07.05

  5. Actions from the previous meeting
    • Jim to ask Chet to create new Git repository for ReSpec

    • Nick to investigate automatic conformance clause numbering
  6. Topics
    • Focus on TRS (Jim)
  7. Other business

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Chat transcript from room: oslc

[14:02] Martin Sarabura:
[14:06] ian green: minutes of previous meeting accepted
[14:06] ian green: next meeting july 5th
[14:07] Martin Sarabura: Ian LOA for July
[14:07] ian green: action items from prev. meeting
[14:08] ian green: 1. Jim: new git repo. Email was sent to Chet.
[14:08] ian green: status on this req. unknown
[14:08] ian green: 2. Nick investigate auto conformance clause numbering
[14:09] ian green: Nick is making good progress. Adding new capability to respec - mark conformance clauses in markup.
[14:10] ian green: This will result in new content in the doc.
[14:12] ian green: existing behaviour will be preserved
[14:13] ian green: Should be completed by the end of this week
[14:15] ian green: Jim asked: where is respec documentation? It is on
[14:16] ian green: Jim: Seems there is no oasis fork of the repsec docs.
[14:17] ian green:
[14:19] ian green: Jim: we should include the oasis specific docs in our git repo, with a link to this wiki
[14:21] ian green: Question about how we can best duplicate the w3c wiki, if that is what we want to do
[14:21] ian green: Nick will documnent these new features. Andrew suggest to write in markdown.
[14:23] ian green: TRS subcttee met and reviewed existing document. Those actions are underway
[14:24] ian green: Nick doubts anything will happen on TRS during next 3 weeks
[14:26] ian green: Nick - David unlikely to have time to work on OSLC matters for next 3 months.
[14:28] ian green: David can come to highlight outstanding items on the query spec. and hand over to someone else on the cttee
[14:28] ian green: No further topics, we can close the call.

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