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Chat transcript from room: oslc

[14:02] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): Query spec:
[14:05] Jim Amsden:
<added Aug 9> Minutes accepted, confirmed by participants
[14:07] Nick Crossley (IBM): Nick to scribe
[14:08] Nick Crossley (IBM): Continuing to review Query spec
[14:08] Nick Crossley (IBM): David will take detailed notes on individual changes suggested; the minutes here capture higher-level discussion or decisions.
[14:08] Nick Crossley (IBM): Start at section 10.6 -
[14:09] Nick Crossley (IBM): Discussing the overlap/difference between and
[14:11] Nick Crossley (IBM): David noted that current query implementations differ in which properties are returned by default in the query result (if the client does not provide
[14:14] David Honey (Persistent/IBM):
[14:23] Nick Crossley (IBM): The scope of each of and seem a bit vague.
[14:23] Nick Crossley (IBM): Jim expects applies to the whole http resource returned by an operation.
[14:24] David Honey (Persistent/IBM): David's interpretation is that applies to RDF resources that use the subject URI that is the HTTP request URI.
[14:33] Nick Crossley (IBM): For me the confusion starts here:
[14:41] Nick Crossley (IBM): David will write a note describing this confusion for us to discuss, and will also email the original author for further clarification.
[14:46] Nick Crossley (IBM): David will first try some experiments with existing implementations.
[14:51] Nick Crossley (IBM): We also discussed the fact that query results, like any OSLC resource retrieval, MAY return properties beyond those explicitly requested in or
[15:00] Nick Crossley (IBM): Jim suggests we also look back at the original author's mapping of OSLC query syntax and semantics to SPARQL.
[15:00] Nick Crossley (IBM): Short discussion of what's left - David thinks we can finish at the next meeting.
[15:01] Nick Crossley (IBM): David is off on vacation for the two meetings after the next one, so we do need to complete this review in that next meeting!
[15:01] Nick Crossley (IBM): So the group will switch back to TRS reviews during that 2 week interval.

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