NOTE: This wiki is provided by the OASIS standards consortium as a collaborative tool for members of the OSLC Steering Committee, who are permitted to post to these pages. As this is an official workspace of the Steering Committee, OASIS rules apply to its use. To learn more about the work of the Steering Committee, send a comment, or join this effort, visit the OASIS OSLC Member Section homepage.

OSLC Steering Committee

WARNING: OSLC Member Section and the Steering Committee closed down in May 2019 and all of its work has been transferred to the OSLC Open Project.


Meeting Schedule, Agenda and Minutes


Oct 2017 - Sept 2018


Submitting Proposals

Please follow these steps to submit proposals to the Steering Committee (StC) for their review/vote.

  1. Send the proposal to the OSLC StC mailing list (it is recommended that you subscribe first).

  2. Forward the proposal to any relevant Technical Committee mailing lists (you should be subscribed to them first).

    • N.B.: Do not send the email to multiple mailing lists at one time.

    • (Sending an email to multiple mailing lists can cause people who respond to the email to receive annoying messages about how their response was not delivered to all the lists they are not subscribed to.)
  3. Watch the StC mailing list for an email indicating their approval or rejection.
  4. Once such a message is posted, please forward it to any Workgroups you notified in 2.


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