PKCS11 Test Implementations and Test Vectors known to the PKCS11 TC

NOTE: The Following list of known PKCS11 test implementations and test vectors that have been brought to the attention of the OASIS PKCS11 Technical Committee.

The PKCS11 TC in no way endorses these implementations nor does it make any statements as to the suitability, quality, availability or level of conformance to the PKCS11 Specification or Profiles.

This list is provided as a repository for the convenience of OASIS TC Members and parties interested in the adoption of PKCS11.

PKCS11 Test Implementations




Netscape PKCS #11 Test Suites.

PKCS11 Test Vectors



TLS1.2 PRF test vectors

test vectors from nCipher for TLS1.2PRF-SHA224, TLS1.2PRF-SHA256, TLS1.2PRF-SHA512, TLS1.2PRF-SHA384

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