July 2, 2014 Meeting Minutes

Roll Call

Roll call taken by Bob Griffin at 16:00 EDT (US). Quorum was not achieved, so meeting continued as informational only.

Proposed Agenda

1 Opening remarks (co-chairs)

2 Roll call

3 Review / approval of the agenda

4 Review of previous meeting minutes

5 Old Business

6 New Business

7 Review Action Items

8 Adjourn

Motion to accept agenda

No quorum, therefore no vote taken to approve agenda. Instead, consensus of attendees taken to go with agenda as proposed.

Approve Previous Meeting Minutes

Discussion of status on 2.40 second review

Chris Z: every piece of feedback has been incorporated. Intense review from Stef W., particularly with regard to missing constant definitions, etc.

Stef: Looking to see what it would take to implement and distribute headers based on spec. Found things misspelled or not documented, or conflicts with 2.30 spec. Also need to watch out for different vendors implementing structures in ambiguous ways.

AI: Bob G to send message to TC to get any corrections to Chris by 14-July,

Discussion of Moving forward with v3.0

Wan-Teh C.: uploaded new version of messaging proposal a week ago. Includes new functions for signing and veriying message, defining both single and multi-part funcitons. If there is consensus on the API outline, next step is to convert it to real specification.

Sven G: would like to discuss his ideas at meeting in 2 or 4 weeks.

Topics for Next Call

. Review and vote on updated PKCS #11 V2.40 Current Mechanisms Specification and Base Specification for Committee Spec Draft and public review.

Action Items

Motion to Adjourn

Informational meeting closed by Bob G. at 16:20 om EDT (US).

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