February 25, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Role Call

Proposed Agenda

1 Opening remarks (co-chairs)

2 Roll call

3 Review / approval of the agenda

4 Review of previous meeting minutes (January 14 & 28, Feb 11 had no quorum)

5 Old Business

6 New Business

7 Review Action Items

8 Adjourn

Opening Remarks

Agenda Additions

Motion to accept agenda

Approve Previous Meeting Minutes

Old Business


==== V2.40 Seminar ====


Manifest Constants

AES-XTS mechanism (Valerie)

Secure key import (Graham)

Message-based encryption (Bob R, based on Wan-Teh’s proposal)

Improvements to error messages (Bob G)

Other editorial corrections and UG clarifications

UEFI profile

Face to Face



Topics for next call

New Business

Meeting planner

Action Items

Motion to Adjourn

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