May 11, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting commenced 8:00PM GMT

Proposed agenda

Motion to approve Agenda

Motion to approve meeting minutes


Errata process update

Header Files

Use of GitHub


Conformance statement for 3.0

Motion to go to ballot to approve v3.0 Conformance statement

When/where to set identifiers

Dina: DSA text improvements, new mechanism

Dina: TLS 1.X text improvements

HMAC general mechanism. Signature length of 0

SHA3/Shake - Bob R

ChaCha20 - Chris Z

Poly1305 - Chris Z

ECDH Key Derivation - Christian

EncryptCancel, DigestCancel, etc - Valerie

C_GenerateRandom - Dieter & Christian

C_renameToken, ChangeLabel and/or ClearToken - Oracle

CKA_UUID - Oracle

Associating Attributes to Wrapped Keys - Graham S.

AEAD - Message Based Encryption Functions (BobR)

AES GCM proposal (Bob R)

Extending Function table (Bob R)

Forking (remove fork behavior from standard, add fork_safe flag) - Bob R

C_LoginUser (Hai-May)

KMIP mappings (Tim H)

NIST CMVP Feedback

Next meeting date

New Topic

Action Items

Call for late arrivals

Motion to Adjourn

Meeting Adjourned at 8:40PM GMT

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