February 26, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting commenced 05:00 GMT

Proposed agenda

Motion to approve Agenda


PKCS 25th Anniversary, Burt Kaliski

Update on PKCS#11 2.40 Errata, next steps

KMIP Liaison update

PKCS#11 2.41

New algorithms




   #define CKK_SHA256_HMAC         0x0000002BUL
   #define CKK_SHA384_HMAC         0x0000002CUL
   #define CKK_SHA512_HMAC         0x0000002DUL
   #define CKK_SHA224_HMAC         0x0000002EUL

   #define CKD_SHA224_KDF           0x00000005UL
   #define CKD_SHA256_KDF           0x00000006UL
   #define CKD_SHA384_KDF           0x00000007UL
   #define CKD_SHA512_KDF           0x00000008UL

TLS 1.x issues

AES GCM IV Generation

ECDH Key Derivation

Error code improvements (Darren M)

EncryptCancel, DigestCancel etc

Extending C_GenerateRandom to specify RNG quality

Adding C_RenameToken, C_ChangeLabel, and/or C_ClearToken


Letter to CMVP/NIST

* Bob drafted a letter to CMVP NIST expressing concern about providing specific requirements regarding IV generation & requesting assistance to define a way of working with the existing standards body (like OASIS) to ensure undesirable outcomes are avoided.

Associating Attributes to Wrapped Keys, Graham S

AEAD (Wan-Teh's 3.0 work), Bob R

Message Based Encryption Functions

AES GCM proposal

Proposal for Extending the FunctionTable

v2.41 vs v3.0

Interop Update

PKCS11 V3.0 items

=== Application , library context ===


Adding multiple user support to C_Login

KMIP Mappings

ICMC face to face

Next meeting date

New Topic

Action Items

Call for late arrivals

Motion to Adjourn

Meeting Adjourned at 00:02 GMT

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