March 30, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting commenced 8:00PM GMT

Proposed agenda

Motion to approve Agenda

Motion to approve meeting minutes


Errata process update

Header Files

Motion to use GitHub if possible


New doc version request

Dina: TLS 1.X text improvements

Dina: DSA text improvements, new mechanism

HMAC general mechanism. Signature length of 0 is to be interpreted as an error.

Motion > 0 Signature length usage in HMAC General Ballot

SHA3/Shake - Bob R

Motion > Include SHA3/Shake in v3.0

ChaCha20 - Chris Z

Poly1305 - Chris Z

Motion > Include ChaCHa20 & Poly1305 in v3.0

ECDH Key Derivation - Christian

EncryptCancel, DigestCancel, etc - Valerie

C_GenerateRandom - needs owner

C_renameToken, ChangeLabel and/or ClearTOken - Oracle

CKA_UUID - Oracle

Associating Attributes to Wrapped Keys - Graham S.

AEAD - Message Based Encryption Functions (BobR)

AES GCM proposal (Bob R)

Extending Function table (Bob R)

Forking (remove fork behaviour from standard, add fork_safe flag) - needs owner

C_LoginUser (Hai-May)

KMIP mappings - needs owner

Further discussions on identifiers and version control

NIST CMVP Feedback

Motion > CMVP letter

Next meeting date

New Topic

Action Items

Call for late arrivals

Motion to Adjourn

Meeting Adjourned at 9:01PM GMT

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