PKCS11 v2.40 next steps

  1. Update documents as per public review comments [COMPLETED]

  2. Approve updates as committee specification/note drafts (full majority) [COMPLETED]

  3. Approve taking committee specification/note drafts that are material change status to public review 02 - 15 days [APPROVED-SUBMISSION-PENDING]

  4. Wait for comment period to complete
  5. Approve as committee specification/note any non-material change status items (special majority tc-admin conducted ballot)
  6. Approve at least three statements of use (member or non member)
  7. Approve submitting committee specifications as oasis standards (special majority tc-admin conducted ballot)
  8. 60 day public review (mandatory) after tc-admin prepare docs (15 day maximum from ballot)
  9. If no comments then a 14 day OASIS wide vote is setup by tc-admin within 7 days of completion of the public review
  10. If 15% positive votes by OASIS member organisations then accepted as a standard.

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