Describe Potential Use Cases here. Please create a new sub-page for each submission and provide the link to the subpage below. Each use-case should be massaged to fit the TemplateForUseCase. NOTE: We may modify the template if necessary to suite.

At this point, the following use-case has been fit to the template:

Title (link)





Enable unauthenticated end-users to recover or to reset their passwords by answering challenge-questions correctly.




Treat as compliant a provider that does not add, modify or delete PSOs.


A number of use-cases have been suggested, and are available to be fit into the template so that they can be reviewed. Most of these have been discussed on the PSTC alias. Reading each email thread will provide much of the information that is necessary to fit each use-case into the template. Gary Cole has volunteered to help anyone who works on a use-case to understand the approaches that are possible using SPMLv2 (and, if necessary, to describe the use-case at a business level).

* ChangeNotify Presentation - A proposal from SAML TC on using notifications to enable provisioning in federated environments. Includes a proposal to trigger SPML updates.

* SimpleProfile

* StandardSchema

* SynchronizationCapabilities

* FederalEmergencyResponseUseCases

* FederalSearchUseCase

* ExpandedSearchOperations

* ExtendedSchemaCapabilities

* ImmutablePSOID

* ProfilesAndConvergenceWithOtherStandards

* FederationProvisioning

* OperationalMetadata

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