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ebXML RegRep Wiki

This is the official wiki of the OASIS ebXML Registry Technical Committee.

Overview and Key Benefits

OASIS ebXML RegRep is an open specification approved as an OASIS Standard for metadata and content management software. It is capable of managing diverse content such as documents, images, services, devices, assets, schemas, WSDL, ontologies, records. Previous versions of the specification have been approved by OASIS as well as ISO. The latest release is Version 4.0 and the latest ebXML RegRep Core specification is available here.

Some of the key benefits of ebXML RegRep are :

For a summary of changes in version 4 since version 3 please see this wiki page.

Extension Profiles of ebXML RegRep

The ebXML RegRep specification is designed for extensibility and several extension profile specifications are already published for version 4.0:

The following are extension profiles that are being considered for future work:

Relationship to Other Specifications


The following is a partial list of available implementations of ebXML RegRep. Please contact RegRep TC if you would like to have an implementation listed here:


The following is a partial list of deployment of ebXML RegRep 4 specification and its extension profiles. Please contact RegRep TC if you would like to have a deployment listed here:

The following is a partial list of ebXML RegRep 3 specification and its extension profiles:


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Blogs and Articles


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More Information

Please contact a member of the ebXML RegRep TC if you would like to get more information about ebXML RegRep 4:

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