Basic doc prep for a WD -> CD is just changing some boilerplate to say Committee Draft and changing the doc name to sstc-<title>-cd-<draftnum>

To create the Voting Member's List for the Appendix, cut and paste from a recent CD, and then cross check against this page:

You list everybody except the ones labeled "Member".

Finally, to wrestle Open Office to the mat, you can either Export to XHTML if you have no graphics and want an unreadable document, or you can go through these steps:

  1. Save As HTML from OpenOffice (close OO before trying next step)

  2. Use the Tidy utility to clean it up and convert to (mostly) XHTML -

  3. Finally, run it through the W3C validator page, or some other web site, to find all the remaining XHTML violations and fix them.
  4. Rename the file to an xhtml extension.
  5. Zip up with the graphics; use a flat archive and .zip extension.

The end product will be valid, but it won't be readable in a browser except Firefox, if you keep the extension xhtml. Use html and you'll get font mess ups.

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