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SAML V2.0 Metadata Extension for Algorithm Support Version 1.0

The following comments were received.

Comment 1


Tom Scavo
The document contains no line numbers and is therefore difficult to reference. This is probably enough to require an additional public review.
Line numbering is not an OASIS requirement, but future versions will hopefully include them. Actual document prep for official versions is no longer under TC/editor control.


The second paragraph of section 2.4 refers to extension elements to be included as child elements in an <md:EntityDescriptor> element and/or an element whose type is based on md:RoleDescriptorType, but the interpretation of *multiple* such elements is deferred to section 2.5. Although the producer can infer its conformance requirements from the text in section 2.5, I think the producer's requirements should be explicitly stated in section 2.4.

This is outside the scope of the review, but if the document returns to working draft status at some point, this area should be improved.

In the schema listed in section 2.4, no extended XML attributes are allowed. Is this intentional?
This is outside the scope of the review, but yes, it's intentional. Algorithm extensions/parameters in XML Signature/Encryption are element-based, so any such parameters would be expected to take that form, and not rely on XML attributes.

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