Minutes Con call 8th October 2010. Approved 22nd October 2010

1. Intro:

2. Review of robin's doc: http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/tab/email/archives/201010/pdf00001.pdf

Agreed in principle to condense duplicate information in section 6 and 7 into section 6.

Agreed to have a definitions section, which must clearly clarify and link the terms used in the TC process and this document (e.g. revision, version).

Discussed whether to move URI and namespace sections, no agreement. Agreed for now to get the text right and we can look at re-org later.

Section 3 agreed to label constraints, and agreed to put a reference to permitted “extensionless” file names.

Agreed that underscores are not allowed in the document id of a work product name, but are permitted in auxiliary files (e.g. generated by word etc)

Agreed that filename psuedo syntax <document>-<stageid><stagenumber>.xxx should be placed either in section 3 or 6.

Agreed to remove text that mentions dublin core- might keep a reference.

Agreed that stageid in filenames(csd, cnd) should be lower case.

Robin to redistribute an update by cob Wednesday 13th Oct. Further comments after that through email.

3. AOB

Meeting closed

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