Meeting Minutes F2F Meeting, 27 - 29 July 2011. Approved at meeting on 12th August.

Agenda: > 9am > Intro > Roll > Agenda Bashing > Minutes approval > Action items > Role of the TAB (feed into BOD report) > What can the TAB own > TAB support in public reviews and helping TC admin > > 12:30- 1:30 Lunch > > 1:30pm > Finalize BOD report > Officer elections > Discussion of TAB documents/guidelines in general- do we need a > process, how do they get standing (if at all) > - Gold, silver, bronze > > > 5:30pm Recess > > Thursday 28th July 2011 > > 9am > TC Process review and improvement brainstorm > - review PR requirements > - Statements of use/conformance > Noon Joint meeting with BOD > > 12:30 - 1:30 Lunch > > 1:30pm > Update the interop/testing guidelines > > 5pm Recess > > Friday 29th July 2011 > > 9am > Plans for 2011/12 > TAB Visibility > AOB > 12:30 Adjourn

Intro: Roll: Martin, Jacques, Patrick, Chet, Robin, Paul Knight



Action Items:

Topic: Role of the TAB

Aside: interesting work topic to compare oasis to other orgs and list when to bring things and when not to bring things to oasis

Topic: TAB support in public reviews and helping TC admin

Topic: Citation and References

official citation library. Will raise to the Board.

Topic: Board Report

Topic: TC improvements

in effect the fields in the meta data document are already contained in the email announcements.

Topic: Officer elections

Topic: Designated Cross References (DCR)

Topic: Process Execution of governance

Topic: Feedback from the board

Topic: Goals for 2011/12

Topic: TAB visibility

Topic: TC Process Statements of Use

Topic: Designated Cross References (again)

ensure that there is no loophole if any content has changed.

only in state e.g. from cd to cs e.g. providing only changes made according to 2.18 (6) are made, a reference to such an updated document may be updated to the most recent approved version.

Topic: comments on the Interop/testing proposed guidelines

much the same was as the click through license for pr comments. We need to think about how to do this, and will note this in the text.

Proposed Testability Guidelines:

in responses "will you TC produce test assertions/test suites etc" "Will your TC conduct testing". For this we would need some examples to show the naive charter proposer.

Proposed Interoperability Guidelines:

Topic: AOB

and 2) there is more stuff there than templates which is un-expected!

Meeting adjourned

Summary of New and Open Action Items:

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