Meeting Minutes, 10 February 2012. Approved 23rd March 2012



Action items:

ACTION 20111104-01: Chet to propose a single page that can be placed on the web that lists ALL the things TCs may need to know.

Done. add as a standing agenda item

robin: On the (new) ACTION 20120120-1: see the extended discussion on "loose/tight bindings in normative references to versioned/changing specs" ( ) - it relates broadly to generic "spec-to-spec" reference in addition to (narrow) "spec-to-OASIS-spec"

Citation, abbreviation, and spec dependency status:

Interop/testing Guidelines:

Checklist for Reviews:

Chet Ensign (OASIS): +1 - and TC Admin could send that along with every new template sent to a TC!

TC Admin Page:


Meeting adjourned

Summary of New and Open Issues:

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