Meeting Minutes 4th May 2012. Approved 18th May 2012

Intro: Martin, Chet, Patrick, Robin

Agenda: add board meeting feedback


Action Items: All ongoing

topic: Ordering of policies

The list at: is (almost) alphabetized. Robin says that this ordering might not be the best, as you may want the most useful up front. For example case study guidelines haven't been used in ages yet they are at the top.

Suggest having the list separated into "core" followed by an alphabetize list of secondary documents.

Also need to consider being consistent with the "OASIS" prefix - some say OASIS xxx guidelines, others just say xxx guidelines.

We discussed the "My groups" personalization feature on the web site, though few of us had heard of it or tried it.

ACTION 20120504-0: Patrick to look at the personalization features on the "my groups" page and report back on its capabilities.

Citation, abbreviation, and spec dependency status:

Checklist for Reviews:

TC Admin Page:

Feedback from the Board:


Summary of New and Outstanding Action Items:

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