Meeting Minutes. TAB F2F meeting 25-27 July 2012, OASIS HQ, Burlington, MA, USA Approved 10 August 2012.

1. Intro

2. Action items

3. Approval of Minutes

4. Board Report and Board Related Issues

5. Review Checklist

6. Multi-part

7. Conformance Guidelines revamp

8. Interpretations policy

9. Drafting best practices for handling links and citations in documents

After discussion, we agreed that at least these problems need to be solved -more may appear as we resolve these:

  1. Problem 1. what do we do about citation labels for legacy specs?
  2. Problem 2. What is the syntax of a citation label e.g CAP.V.1.2 vs CAPv1.2 vs ..)?
  3. Problem 3: What are the naming directives for Citation labels?
  4. Problem 4: at what point can a TC change a citation label, and at what point is it locked in?
  5. Problem 5: what are the naming directives (style) for the citation (author, title, date, url...)?
  6. Problem 6: what do we recommend for an inline citation e.g. the citation label in [] that when you click on goes to the citation?
  7. Problem 7: Should we do the oasis equivalent of and w3c (citation database)?

10. IT

11. Officer Elections

12. Review Worklist

13 AOB

Summary of New and Outstanding Action Items

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