Minutes TAB call (June 13, 2014)


Host confcall: Fujitsu
US Toll Free: 877-995-3314
US Toll/International: 210-339-1806


1. Admin:
1.1 minutes Jun 6, approval
1.2 short action items status (see Jun 6 minutes, to be posted)

2. PRs: status, process and outputs.
- WS-Calendar PIM 1.0, TGF
- preparing for statistics on comment categories for this year's PRs

3. Excellence award: (see email Chet 6/11)
- our criteria for selection? First cut?

4. Conformance Clause guideline:
- iteration on the first consolidated draft (core + annex):
- see the few comments/questions
- concerns for redundancy?
- Normative section 4: what content needed?


Patrick Durusau (individual)
Jacques Durand (Fujitsu)
Ashok Malhotra (Oracle)
Chet Ensign (staff)

Short Action Items status: those currently open + those that just changed in this meeting

AI-52: [open] Chet to make proposals on the guidelines issue, where to publish.
Ashok: Why don't the guidelines docs go on the OASIS page?
- guidelines displayed only on our TAB page wont be easy to find...
- patrick: we have relied on a "pull" model for material.
We'd need to actively market our work products, need reach out to new TCs, e.g. mail from TAB chair with useful links. new TCs need guidance even if they don't know it.
- ashok: we could still add a pointer to OASIS page toward our guidelines page / public page
- Jacques: the PnG OASIS page could be more structured:
"Other OASIS Policies and Guidelines" could be split and show something like:
"Specification and Editorial Guidelines" that lists all editing guidelines supporting directly the TC process (Conformance guideline...) + gives links to TAB-hosted other guidelines.
- Note that the "keywords guidelines" does not seem to qualify as directly relevant to TC process
(TC process does not talk about normative keywords)

AI-53: [open] Chet to publish the updated version of legacy Conformance guidelines, and to load it to docs.oasis-open.org.
- open

AI-55: [open] [new] Jacques: to finalize a proposal for AI-52, what insert could we add to the PnG page.

AI-56: [open] [new] Patrick: volunteers to take 1st shot at normative content section 4. open.

AI-57: [open] [new] AI to Chet to announce the current public TAB page to OASIS members.

AI-58: [open] [new] Chet: In the context of conf clause guidelines:
need to look at "covered product" "licensed product" . Chet to ask Jamie.

Long-lasting AIs (recorded in JIRA):

AI-TAB-20: [open] (in progress) RFC 2119 / ISO Keyword Guidelines.

AI-TAB-424: [open] (in progress) Define TAB process for Excellence Award

AI-TAB-435: CItation database (RFC)

Minutes: (assisted by: Chet)

1. Admin:
1.1 minutes Jun 6, approval
1.2 short action items status (see above)
- July F2F: Chet, Jacques and Ashok will attend in person, Patrick will attend by telephone.
- Plan for Wednesday, 7/30 and Thursday 7/31 half-day likely (Target 1:00 PM Thursday to adjourn),

2. PRs: status, process and outputs.
- WS-Calendar PIM 1.0, TGF
- preparing for statistics on comment categories for this year's PRs
- Chet will be doing charts and graphs in Excel on the PRs comments when he is back from vacation
- Chet: any 30-day PR announced to be communicated to TAB while Chet is sailing.
- 3 PRscoming: (1) emergency data (EBXL) , (2) XLIF V2 template IANA, (3) AMQP binding

3. Excellence award: (see email Chet 6/11)
- one winner TBD in each of 2 categories:
1) TCs that qualify for the New TC category (i.e., a TC that held its first meeting or held its first meeting under a new charter between July 2013 and July 2014):
2) TCs that qualify for the Accomplished TC category (i.e., a TC that produced an approved OASIS Standard or had an OS approved by a de jure body between July 2013 and July 2014):
- we discuss merits of each TC.
- OData good uptake (in categ 2) ATOM format not as popular as JSON. Lot of attention though.
- Chet: intend: Google hangout - each TC has an acceptance speach ready
- "4 nominees are.... quick intro for each... and the winner is...." (then acceptance speach)
- Chet: new TC category: which is likely to be dynamic, get attention to OASIS, lead to more work, have impact in its field? hit the ground running? stuff in progress?
- Chet: accomplished TC category: need to look also at how successful the TC is, likelyhood for adoption, how vigorous.
- Patrick: maybe a systemic issue. E.g. KVBD doing all its work in CHinese - unusual.
Unprecedented (besides English/French/Russian)
- Ashok: problem is: are other participants excluded if not speak Chinese? (but TC also publishes in English)
- UBL: Jon B resigned. He promised he would stay... in terms of adoption, UBL is all over EU (not so in US) and may be last chance for UBL to get award, while TOSCA still around next year...
- Jacques: STV voting in the TAB (we need to rank our preferences).
- patrick: each send email to the list TAB (let us check it is not visible to whole membership)

4. Conformance Clause guideline:
- consensus: consolidation is a good direction.
- Jacques presents the first consolidated draft.
- Ashok takes the pen for next iteration.
- Normative section 4: Patrick will provide content.

next call: July 11th.
Meeting adjourned.

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