Minutes TAB call (July 11, 2014)


Host confcall: Fujitsu
US Toll Free: 877-995-3314
US Toll/International: 210-339-1806


1. Admin:
- next meeting.

2. Excellence award: (see email Chet 6/11)
- our criteria for selection? First cut?

3. Conformance Clause guideline:
- iteration on the first consolidated draft (core + annex)
- Normative section 4

4. PRs: status, process and outputs.
- current PRs AMQP, eTMF
- preparing for statistics on comment categories

5. Admin sequel:
- short action items status (see Jun 6 minutes, to be posted)


Patrick Durusau (individual)
Jacques Durand (Fujitsu)
Ashok Malhotra (Oracle)
Chet Ensign (staff)
Robin Cover (staff, observer)

Short Action Items status: those currently open + those that just changed in this meeting

AI-52: [open] Chet to make proposals on the guidelines issue, where to publish.
Ashok: Why don't the guidelines docs go on the OASIS page?
- guidelines displayed only on our TAB page wont be easy to find...
- patrick: we have relied on a "pull" model for material.
We'd need to actively market our work products, need reach out to new TCs, e.g. mail from TAB chair with useful links. new TCs need guidance even if they don't know it.
- ashok: we could still add a pointer to OASIS page toward our guidelines page / public page
- Jacques: the PnG OASIS page could be more structured:
"Other OASIS Policies and Guidelines" could be split and show something like:
"Specification and Editorial Guidelines" that lists all editing guidelines supporting directly the TC process (Conformance guideline...) + gives links to TAB-hosted other guidelines.
- Note that the "keywords guidelines" does not seem to qualify as directly relevant to TC process (TC process does not talk about normative keywords)

AI-53: [open] Chet to publish the updated version of legacy Conformance guidelines, and to load it to docs.oasis-open.org.
- open

AI-55: [open] [new] Jacques: to finalize a proposal for AI-52, what insert could we add to the PnG page.

AI-56: [open] [new] Patrick: volunteers to take 1st shot at normative content section 4. open.

AI-57: [open] [new] AI to Chet to announce the current public TAB page to OASIS members.

AI-58: [open] [new] Chet: In the context of conf clause guidelines:
need to look at "covered product" "licensed product" . Chet to ask Jamie.

Long-lasting AIs (recorded in JIRA):

AI-TAB-20: [open] (in progress) RFC 2119 / ISO Keyword Guidelines.

AI-TAB-424: [open] (in progress) Define TAB process for Excellence Award

AI-TAB-435: CItation database (RFC)

Minutes: (assisted by: Chet)

1. Admin:
- next meeting: July Fri 18, with change in hour: 2pmET instead of usual 11amET.
Topics: prepare report to Board. wrap up stats from PRs. wrap up conform guidelines (tentative).
- Future meetings: we'll consider moving to Fri 2pmET (to confirm) as Jacques may have a conflict at 11amET.
- July F2F: Board meeting is Wednesday 7/30 and Thursday 7/31
- Meeting is in the Oracle building. TAB has a room reserved for it.

2. Excellence award: "Open Standards Cup award" (see email Chet 6/11 with list of nominees)
- Chet: will draft a blurb for each nominee and send to the TAB mailing list on Monday so we have time to consider.
- Chet: the awards will be a separate event from general assembly. A Google group event.
- Jacques: please speak-up in favor of your champion TC. By next meeting, each one of us will send out to other TAB members (privately) our rankings, STV-style.
- Experienced TCs: all have their strength and remarkable achievements. AMQP is going ISO. UBL widely used in EU eCommerce. Would benefit from a vote of confidence from OASIS.
- Jacques: it is always easier to justify rewarding old-timers with proven records, as time is running out for them while newer TCs still have time to be rewarded next.
- new TCs: All are strong candidates. But KVDB and eTMF have unique qualities, that would send a strong message if rewarded.
- plan to finalize by next meeting, STV.

3. Conformance Clause guideline:
- Ashok: Review of the consolidated draft (core + annex) posted by Ashok editor.
- Normative section 4: see Jacques comments (mailing list)
- ebXML examples Clauses: suggestion to move in Appendix. Better to keep the core doc as concise as possible, easy to read.
- Chet suggests: could we have something like a Conf Clause template? Something that TCs can start from, reuse and fill the blanks? Templates have proved very useful.
- Jacques: we may be closer to this with new guidelines.
The new guidelines shows several examples, tutorial. We may be able to propose a template. But the challenge is, how detailed the template. Lots of variations e.g. in ways to refer to normative content. Template may have to remain very high-level.
- note: Section 5.1 shows a mock structure for conf clause section and its content. That could be a basis for a template. We'll follow up.
- Robin: template + selection of premier examples would be a good combination.
- jacques: we have indeed a "good & bad clauses" section for examples.
Not so easy to expand, though. Need to understand a lot of the normative context to judge a "good" clause.
- Patrick, Jacques provided comments (mailing list).
- Chet: overall, this guideline helps TCs understand why CC are needed, gives good reasons to write conf clauses.
- Ashok to produce another iteration for next meeting to discuss.

4. PRs: status, process and outputs.
- current PRs to cover: AMQP, eTMF (deadlines: July 20 and after)
- preparing for statistics on comment categories:
- Chet presents an initial spreadsheet: https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/document.php?document_id=53531
- Jacques, Patrick provided feedback on TAB list.
- Chet: most promising outputs here may be (a) that the TAB is giving TCs plenty of feedback on their first drafts. In fact, many TCs wouldn't get any feedback at all were it not for the TAB. No TC complained about that feedback, most welcomed it as useful.
And (b) the breakdown by comment type may enable us to focus efforts on output that would be useful to spec editors.
- Chet: as part of Board report, we need to remind that this effort is in response to Board request to help on PRs.
- Robin: the significance of this data needs be highlighted in report to board: the areas of deficiency can be identified and acted upon: E.g. References are too often neglected and wrong --> recommendation e.g. citation libraries needed..
- We review the various parts of the spreadsheet:
o the breakdown per TC not so significant.
o breakdown per PR more interesting. Yet the volume of comments may vary for many reasons.
o breakdown per coment types: useful for remediation. Clear weak points: References, Style, Normative and conformance. (but Style not so critical)
- where to go from here: prepare a few points to report about
(a) what we learned (weak points in TCs, specs)
(b) how useful for the TCs this is
(c) remediation proposed, per comment type.

5. Admin sequel: (postponed)
- short action items status (see Jun 6 minutes, to be posted)

next call: Fri July 18th, 2pmET.
Meeting adjourned.

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