Minutes TAB 2014 F2F (July 30-31 )

Oracle Burlington 5 Building
4 Van de Graaff Drive
Burlington, MA 01803
The TAB will be in Room 1042.

Host confcall: Fujitsu
US Toll Free: 877-995-3314
US Toll/International: 210-339-1806


1. Administration
- approval 7/18
- reg meeting schedules (Fri 11amET will not work anymore for Jacques)
- other

2. PR process & outcome analytics
- current process, JIRA. Consider "review best practices", e.g. comment grouping, etc.
- finalize our interpretation of PR outcomes.
- remedial recommendations per comment category.
(help rewrite by example, resources citation databases, templates, guidelines, etc.)
- what could be done in the future: Encourage non-TAB reviews? Second PRs?).

3. TAB report 2014.
- iteration thru Chet's slides

4. Follow-up on current guidelines work:
(a) Tentative wrap-up of PR checklist (intended audience? "severity" field?)
(b) Conformance guide 2.0 : starting from v10 (to be posted by Ashok by F2F time)
- end-to-end review
- focus on "normative" section 4, clause examples.
- accessory resources: clause templates (?)

5. Election of TAB officer(s)

6. Other items:
- pending changes to the Naming Directives document
- review of templates (motions, etc.)

Thu 7/31:

7. Follow-up on TAB general process and TAB as a resource
- review of TAB public page
- publishing of guidelines: visibility on PnG page?
- use of JIRA.

8. Last review of TAB report, if any update.

9. Possible future items:
- Access to citation database(s) for OASIS, RFC, W3C/ReSpec
- Specification Editors Best Practices Guidelines
- charter guidelines

10. Join meeting TAB-Board, presentation TAB report. (1:15pmET)


Patrick Durusau (individual)
Jacques Durand (Fujitsu)
Ashok Malhotra (Oracle)
Chet Ensign (staff)
Robin Cover (staff, observer)

Minutes July 30: (assisted by: Chet)

1. Administration
- approval 7/18 minutes: approved.
- reg meeting schedules (Fri 11amET will not work anymore for Jacques): we will do 11amET. Chet may have conflict at some staff meetings. We'll adjust (may start 11:30)
- TAB public page: still has bad links (FAQ...)
o we may want to give more visibility to the public feedback section (use a pop-up email like for inline comments?)
o other than that, ready for prime time.

2. PR process & outcome analytics
- We finalize our PR report (subset of slides in TAB report).
- interpretation of PR outcomes (analytics):
o TAB has focused on mainly 3 issues categories: Normative, COnformance, Reference.
o the large set of "Style" issues, is due to easiness to spot them (by-product of other issues)
o future: we may want to focus on 2 or 3 top issues (items in check-list) per category.
o goal is to establish a PR process that can easily be picked-up by TAB newcomers.
o Normative, COnformance, Reference: call for different remedies. But urgent.

3. TAB report 2014.
- iteration thru Chet's slides.
- we finalize accomplishments vs. work in progress.

4. Follow-up on current guidelines work:

(a) Tentative wrap-up of PR checklist (intended audience? "severity" field?)
- Jacques introduces latest draft that aligns severity field with JIRA:
o "blocker" means draft will not be processed by staff.
o "Critical" means it should not be processed, but technically can.
o "major / minor" means it should preferably be fixed, but could proceed as is.
o Each review item has a range among B-C-M depending on case by case. But by nature some may never be "Blocker" , some are always critical or above, etc.
- TAB needs to review before approving.
- audience: primarily TAB, but consensus that it should be made visible to TCs for them to understand what TAB is looking for.

(b) Conformance guide 2.0 : starting from v10 (to be posted by Ashok by F2F time)
- end-to-end review of Ashok latest rev.
- priority on quick release - ideally a first published version 2 weeks after F2F.
- some cosmetic enhancement to be done (highlight all sample clause material with different formatting)
- focus on "normative" section 4, clause examples. Agreed general structure.
- we shelf the non-machine processable case: can wait.
- accessory resources: clause templates (?) hard to design: the top structure is easy, but a lot of parameterization/explanation expected: e.g. various ways to refer to normative content must be enumerated by template.
- Ashok to produce the next iteration rev11.

6. Other items:
- pending changes to the Naming Directives document
- review of templates (motions, etc.)

Minutes July 31: (assisted by: Chet)

7. Election of TAB officer(s):
- Ashok & Patrick nominated as secretaries.
- jacques & Chet nominate for co-chairs.
- No objections. All officers approved.
- Note: afterward, realizing that TAB charter does not currently allow for staff officers. Put on the agenda next meeting.

8. Admin sequel:
- Procedurally: Ashok will provide Webex for future meetings. Jacques will continue to provide the phone bridge.
- Follow up on TAB general process and TAB as a resource
- Pending steps on public page.
- Fix: FAQ link goes to the public relations FAQ. Need to remove or create a TAB FAQ.
- Chet: AI: add a mailto: link to ask-the-tab@ to the public page
- Chet: We should check all links.
- Chet: AI: put a block of text on providing feedback at the top of the page to make it more visible. Right under the TAB heading.
- Chet: Include a link to the ask-the-tab archives to the entry.
- Patrick will upload the latest PR comments - WS-Calendar
- Chet: AI: Chet add the EDXL Emergency Clients Version to the TAB JIRA
- Jacques/Patrick - we need to better manage getting comments handed off to TCs.
Jacques and Patrick can swap off the responsibility to send the comments in by the deadline.
- AI: Patrick will write up steps for extracting comments from JIRA to a spreadsheet
- AI for Chet/Jacques: ensure that comments are exported and submitted to TCs before the end date. Perhaps swap responsibility month - to - month

9. Visibility of TAB guidelines, PnG page possible enhancement:
Jacques (Fujitsu): https://www.oasis-open.org/policies-guidelines
- PnG general page: hard to re-structure
- AI: ask Carol about separating the TAB documents on the PnG page - Chet
- Patrick: We could track new TCs to see when an editor appears and send them a packet of material from the TAB.
- AI: investigate how PnG page could more explicitly point at a subgroup of guidelines for TC editors (including TAB guidelines)
- AI: Chet to take up the next iteration of TAB public page
- AI: Jacques: to send to new TCs a welcome note with TAB resource links - consider when TAB public page ready for prime time, a notification to existing TCs that it is there with links to resources and also feeback.
- Patrick: Example of public review comments using comment facility:
- Patrick: Auto-identification of location of comment in draft
- Chet: Added in-line commenting facility to PR html files
- Patrick: Improved comment submission process

10: Citation database(s) revived:
- Patrick: http://www.rfc-editor.org/in-notes/rfc-ref.txt
- Robin1: W3C has a "bibliograpy picker" (XSLT) but there's also data in JSON
( https://raw.githubusercontent.com/tobie/specref/master/biblio.json
- Chet: Discussion of meaning of citations database item - changed to citations catalog resources
- Robin: frequency of JSON data updates? I don't completely understand the update process and periodicity. On the whole matter of bibliograpic data for use by OASIS spec authors/editors: I completely agree with you that the Staff/TAB efforts at coordination have been low priority, and that doing work is awkward without a project statement of work (SoW) with goals, requirements, scope, features, etc as any project deserves. progress w/ OASIS spec metadata, but the plan is mostly only in my mind, as I recall our earlier conversations on the topic. Let's coordinate better.
- Robin1: ReSpec experiment for OSLC [Core TC] specs:
"[OSLC TC] Specification Authoring (respec):
"We are currently exploring using a tool called respec [ https://github.com/darobin/respec ] which has current changes for OASIS have been staged at Steve Speicher's github clone
[ https://github.com/sspeiche/respec ]. The respec User's Guide [ http://www.w3.org/respec/guide.html ]
is still mostly valid for OASIS usage with the exception of the document status. Best idea is to either use the existing [[|template]] or sample [ http://sspeiche.github.io/respec/examples/basic-oasis.html ] from github.
An example of it being used within [OSLC Core [TC] can be found here as well [ http://tools.oasis-open.org/version-control/browse/wsvn/oslc-core/specs/resource-preview.html ].
- Ashok - Respec - it is a javascript template. it has some parts that are screwy
- ReSpec = JavaScript template. W3C boilerplate but: citation DB limited, and to publish we need to generate HTML "manually"
- Robin: ReSpec kept uptodate by W3C. Dev side is good. IBM working on version for OSLC. similar to DocBook, driver file.
- Robin: need to encourage OSLC TC to use it - what pain points are. Tool chain customized for OASIS, or raw XML

11: Possible future items
- Robin - short summary on planned updates to the Naming Directives
- Jacques: pending changes to the Naming Directives document (Robin)
- Chet: - w/ respect to developing schemas and other artifacts in the realm of semantic data - namespace document issue
- Chet: - 2 TCs working on semantic web specs raises potential need to enable alternate solutions
- Chet: - also explicitly add the handling of errata
- Chet: - also consider adding instructions on how to cite to OASIS work products

12: We're back from report to board - after the presentation:
- Gershon will be the new liaison
- board received the public review comments well and appreciate that we are using it as a learning resource to feedback to the TC
- conformance guidelines: Need to replace "Mary Margaret" with something more professional
- Chet: AI: put approval of the conformance clause document on the agenda for the next meeting
- Chet: AI: work out a meeting time - at least every other month - where Gershon can join us on the call
- Jacques (Fujitsu): AI: documentation of PR process.
- AI: Ashok will follow up with Steve S. of the OSLC team about his work on respect for OASIS working drafts

- Next TAB meeting will be Friday, 8/15 at 2:00 EDT
Meeting adjourned at noon ET Jul 31.

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