Minutes TAB call (September 19, 2014)

Time: noonPT (exceptional)
Host confcall: Fujitsu
US Toll Free: 877-995-3314
US Toll/International: 210-339-1806


1. Admin and general status:
- Minutes Aug 15, 22 (posted), Sept 5 (to be posted)
- report from Board meeting (Gerson?)
- welcome to Kevin

2. Conformance Clause guideline revision
- Review current comments from Board
- follow-up plans
3. Review of short action items (in Kavi).
- In particular, TAB public page
4. PRs: status, process and outputs.
- current PR pipeline (latest SMP,...),
- facilitating public feedback (inline comment links, etc)
- TAB PR process - see documented process draft: AI #0295
- PR checklist follow-up: latest update (rev9 to be uploaded) with JIRA-aligned severity fields, possible values per check item.


Patrick Durusau (individual)
Jacques Durand (Fujitsu)
Ashok Malhotra (Oracle)
Kevin Mangold (NIST)
Chet Ensign (staff)
Gershon Janssen (Board liaison)


1. Admin and general status:

- Minutes Aug 15, 22 (posted), Sept 5 (to be posted)
8/15: https://wiki.oasis-open.org/tab/20140815
8/22: https://wiki.oasis-open.org/tab/20140822
For Aug 15 and 22 - no discussion, no objs - minutes approved

- report from Board meeting (Gerson). First - the Board appointed Kevin to the open seat on the TAB for 1 year. Conformance clauses doc was submitted to Board by Laurent. Some concern expressed about this appearing to be mandatory rather than best practice advice.
- Board reviewed conformance guidelines. Some board members have circulated through their companies for more feedback. Gershon expects more comments to be sent back to the TAB after review. The Board was impressed with the quality of the document and appreciated the work that the TAB is putting into it.
- We can expect more comments over next couple of weeks.
- We don't have a deadline at this point but we would like to publish the document before end of this year.
- Chet: let's remember to provide a requested date next time.
- Chet: can we get more info to Board to help with communication? (advanced notice of TAB requests? to board)
- Gershon: yes - the exec. committee preps the agenda a couple of weeks before the Board meeting. Agenda is set 7 days in advance. Will put TAB reports on the agenda more regularly.
- discussion about modifying TAB time to better fit with Gershon's schedule. J will follow up separately with Gershon on this.

- welcome to Kevin. Kevin gives short bio.
He would like to share some of his experiences from working with other standards orgs: Incits, ISO and maybe help some some speed bumps in the OASIS process. Kevin has experience in both ISO (editor) and OASIS (chair Biometrics).
- Chet: Kevin was nominated for the IEC Young Professionals award so he'll be traveling to Tokyo for that event.

2. Conformance Clause guideline revision
- Review current comments from Board
- follow-up plans

- Ashok: goes over Martin's comments:
(a) - RFC 2119 should be more stressed as the recommended approach
(b) - wants more OASIS samples of good conformance clauses
Consensus on:
"OASIS TCs should use RFC 2119 keywords to define "requirements" to be met by implementations and create conformance clauses based on these requirements. This is recommended as these keywords are widely used and understood by the technical community of which OASIS is a part. RFC 2119 keywords play two roles: they signal the statement of a requirement, and they assign a degree of importance to the requirement. RFC 2119 keywords must be in upper case. Other keywords may be used only after consultation with the TC."
- Ashok will update --> rev17.
- Kevin: When possible, use "SHALL" instead of "MUST" to conform to both RFC 2119 AND ISO Keywords, while not explicitly mentioning ISO Annex H.
- next comment was examples of good conf clauses from OASIS work products
- Jacques: we could look at subsequent CSPRDs to see if they made clause changes, to get a chance to see good OASIS clause examples. I need to investigate.
- Ashok: However, this example from the XML Specification works very well for our purposes. You can really dissect it and use it to illustrate a number of the points discussed.
- Jacques: we can keep it as 2nd "good" example, because it is not a simple one: it shows two clauses, one reusing the other. We can try to have a simpler OASIS (good) clause before that one.
- Action item for Jacques: research subsequent public reviews
to find some good examples of OASIS conformance clauses.
- Patrick: one good example is in the ODF spec but hesitate to suggest it because it runs for pages.

3. Review of short action items (in Kavi).
List of action items is at:

-AI #0287 Make sure the askthetab@ mail lists works
chet: works, but list not monitored/moderated. Idea is you do not need to subscribe. J: why not tab-comment@? C: that requires a subscription.
- Close this item.

-AI #0288 Fix the link to the FAQ from the TAB public page
- Still open but Chet has requested the link be removed.

-AI #0289 Ask Carol about reorganizing the PnG page to separate TAB-published documents.
- Carol has opened a support ticket to see if we can get this done. Still open.

-AI #0290 Develop a schedule for meetings that work with Gershon's schedule. Still open. Chet sent Gershon a proposed time frame. G: thanks - will see if I can fit in the existing meeting time. Will let you know early next week.

-AI #0292 Schedule a review and discussion of current TAB charter for an upcoming meeting.
- Still open.

-AI #0294 Set up process for sending a welcome message from the TAB to new TCs. Chet: recommend that the TAB message should follow the first meeting of a new TC.
- chet: TC mailing list set up when call for participation comes out. Also, TC not elected yet.
- Still open.

-AI #0295 Document the process that the TAB is following to perform public reviews.
- An outline has been uploaded.
- https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/tab/download.php/52171/TAB-Comment-Transfer-Process02.odt
- Still open.
- Patrick: https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/tab/download.php/53616/TAB-ReviewChecklist-rev7.doc

-AI #0296 Implement a way to monitor that TCs are providing comment resolution logs before their next stage in the workflow
- Chet: place holder for everything mandatory for a next PR ticket request. adding Comment Resolution Log field to all appropriate support request tickets.
- Close this issue.

-AI #0297 Ask Carol to update the current TAB page off the main OASIS homepage.
- Close this issue.

-AI #0298 Submit revised conformance clauses doc to Board for approval.
- Close this issue.

4. PRs: status, process and outputs.

PRs ongoing: SMP (sept 20) and XMILE (October)
WS-Biometric Devices coming up next week.
- For SMP Patrick will package/ship the comments.

- regular full meeting Oct 3.

Meeting adjourned.

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