Minutes TAB call (February 6, 2015)

Time: 2pmET
Host confcall: Fujitsu
US Toll Free: 877-995-3314
US Toll/International: 210-339-1806

1. Admin and general status:
- Approval Minutes Jan 23
- board meeting feedback.

2. Review of short action items (in Kavi)..
- including liaison status (Kevin) -

3. Citation resources update. (Patrick, Chet, Robin)

4. PRs: status, process and outputs.
- current PR pipeline

5. Conformance Clause follow-up:
- conformance templates (Ashok)
- non-machine-processable specs: (Patrick)(TGF ,...)

Kevin Mangold (NIST)
Jacques Durand (Fujitsu)
Ashok Malhotra (Oracle)
Chet Ensign (staff)
Patrick Durusau (individual)

Gershon Janssen (Board liaison)


1. Admin and general status:
- Approval Minutes Jan 23: no discussion, no objections. approved.
- board meeting feedback:
- Chet: board meeting. (1) report from TAB, (2) discussion on TAB charter.
- Item (1): no obj to approving COnf Clause guidelines, and Board agreed that Board should not have to sign off on every TAB doc (not rules & policy docs)
- Martin thought conf clause guide not so useful.
- Jacques report included report on our activities. Board seemed to approve of our general focus on quality. In response to question, Jacques gave feedback on the main issues we find during public reviews. Suggestion from Martin that the citation work would be valuable to put forward.
- P.Brown board motion: (1) TAB a formal subcom appointed by Board, and Board appoints membership, option(2) reformulate charter as committee of experts to report to TC admin. TC admin then select/sollicit from membership. Any of these sol not particular attractive.
- P.Brown: Overall exchange was positive, asked the right questions. P.Brown to take the lead on TAB role and charter.
- Chet: TAB should take initiative of putting a work program foward, and allow Board to react to it.
- Ashok: what the board has in the TAB is a set of experts who are volunteering their time to help make OASIS specs better. What is the problem? Jacques: The cost to OASIS is $0.
- Chet: TAB should invite Peter to set-up a conf call: find out the concerns, try to figure out what the root of concerns are. TAB will follow-up here. Need Gershon too.
- Jacques: we need to be more proactive in preempting this routine questioning of TAB role (while at the same time getting positive feedback on our activities).
- Patrick: rationale for TAB role - for each reason to have a TAB, question: what Board would do if no TAB?
- Jacques: TAB does output quality control that other SDOs do as well in other ways.
- J: AI for Chet to get some chair quotes on what they think of the TAB help .

2. Review of short action items (in Kavi)..
- https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/tab/members/action_items.php
- #0294 Set up process for sending a welcome message from the TAB to new TCs: open
- #0295 Document the process that the TAB is following to perform public reviews : open
- #0301 intro to TAB activities related to charter. intro to TAB activities related to charter: close
- #0302 welcome notice + TAB intro to new TCs: done. close.
- #0307 New definition for liaison, including liaison status (Kevin)Kevin: got feedback on liaison from INCITS, ISO. Contributions not so much an issue because of RAND. no way around the IPR. An individual is not able to participate to a TC meeting without binding him/herself to that TC IPR mode. only an informal pre-meeting can allow non-member liaison to speak-up.
Patrick: TC could get sued because of info shared in a pre-meeting , though. Chet: always inform TCs on legal risks.
- #0311 feedback quote from TC chairs. open.
- #0314 Chet to post current draft of PR Checklist to TAB public page. close.

3. Citation resources update. (Patrick, Chet, Robin)
- Ashok: we started talking to Steve S. regarding ReSpec for OASIS docs.
- Robin Cover: ReSpec is still active
- Robin Cover: Conversation with Steve Speicher is underway on (a) core, and (b) possible bibliographic sub-module...
- Ashok: also details on how you publish when you use it. documentation for us of ReSpec in OASIS context would be significant
- AI: Chet: invite Steve at a TAB meeting? Yes. Robin and Chet to follow-up.
- AI: Ashok to talk with Steve about demoing ReSpec for the TAB.
- Robin Cover: Clarification: Steve has "core" in progress but he has NOT yet worked on the bibliographic sub-module, which (in GitHub) was split off from the main ReSpec design and code
- Robin Cover: On ReSpec for specs: see https://tools.oasis-open.org/version-control/browse/wsvn/oslc-core/specs/common-vocab.html
- Patrick: propose to release a 1.0 release of citation guidelines for editors (first, RFC + W3C), in one page quick guide. General agreement.
- Robin Cover: also have worked on: * DCMI * DMTF * DMTF DSP0243 * ECMA * ETSI * IEEE * IETF * ISO * ITU-T * Liberty Alliance * NIST * Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) * Open Grid Forum (OGF) * Unicode Consortium * W3C * W3C Respec Examples * W3C Shopping List Reference Generator and Related Tools * XBRL * 3GPP
- OASIS inventory of specs done by P. was useful
- Robin: it is not so easy than it looks. We try to produce an initial piece of work by giving access to correct citation formats for most of our OASIS specs - even if not exhaustive. We identified 16 issues we need to wrestle before finalizng the database.
- e.g. of issue: using citations prepared by Paul & CHet (citation format block) - it works for many cases but not always - e.g. multi part doc: citation does not give accurate ref.
- we have a compilation of 450+ citations. Working through the anomalies.

4. PRs: status, process and outputs.
- current PR pipeline: only the 30-day Public Review for XACML v3.0 Administration and Delegation Profile V1.0 - ends February 11th.

5. Conformance Clause follow-up:
- conformance templates (Ashok): iteration from Ashok, reviewed by Jacques.
- non-machine-processable specs: (Patrick)(TGF ,...) See email from Patrick.
- Item to get higher priority next time.

Next meeting February 20th

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