Minutes TAB call (April 3, 2015)

Time: 2pmET
Host confcall: Fujitsu
US Toll Free: 877-995-3314
US Toll/International: 210-339-1806

1. Admin and general status:
- Approval Minutes Mar 13
- Changes in the TAB (Scott)

2. Workplan 2015: open source project support to OASIS Technical Committees (Chet).

3. Review of short action items (in Kavi)..
- including Citation page status (Patrick/Robin)

4. PRs: status, process and outputs.
- current PR pipeline (see minutes 3/13: EDXL-HAVE, DocBook, UBL, earliest expire 4/15)

5. Conformance Clause follow-up:
- conformance templates (Ashok, Jacques)
- non-machine-processable specs: (Patrick)(TGF ,...)

Kevin Mangold (NIST)
Jacques Durand (Fujitsu)
Ashok Malhotra (Oracle)
Chet Ensign (staff)
Gershon Janssen (Board liaison)
Scott McGrath (staff)

Patrick Durusau (individual)

New Action Items:

AI: (TAB) TAB to review charter between now and the July meeting.

AI: (TAB) TAB to answer questions in the email from Chet about OSS program at OASIS. Staff would appreciate any feedback on the general proposal and the documents. TAB might consider how TC Process could allow for 'invited experts' since that does in fact happen

AI: Patrick to investigate how we could achieve something similar to commenting technique in IETF (needs XSLT?)
--> #315

AI: (still open) Ashok to investigate W3C "annotations"
--> #316

AI: (still open) (Jacques/Ashok) improve on the conf clause template + include the "surroundings" ? (conf clause section structure)
--> #317


1. Admin and general status:
- minutes of 3/13. No discussion, no objections, minutes approved.
- Announcement on reorganization of TAB.
- Scott recaps as a sideline observer of the organizational disconnect between TAB and the board.
- Ack TAB doing good work the last 2 years.
- Board decided to keep TAB elections.
- Formally stated for the first time that the TAB is a committee of the Board.
- That is important as is the recognition of the good work has been in assisting TC Admin in improving service to members.
- So gave equally weight to the responsibility to the Board and the good work for the members and the TCA.
- Ashok: has heard that some on the board continue to ask why the TAB is needed. Points out that the TAB has provided reviews for every first PR over the past 2 years. This is a very valuable contribution on its own. Other SDOs do similar job, yet at a cost (no volunteer). TAB costs OASIS nothing - and gets smart, competent people helping TCs.
-Scott agrees: The deliverables to the TCs has been loud and clear. Those on the board who are also TC chairs and have received that feedback - they get it and they know the value of that feedback.
- Scott: the board has made a commitment to the TAB to be more engaged.
- Chet: we are on the hook to report on the board at each BoD meeting - more engaged on a regular basis?
- TAB will be a committee of the Board - on the agenda monthly. at least a monthly place holder, with higher expectation of BoD regular sync up.
- Chet: is there a corresponding obligation on us to be more focused on reporting to the board regularly? Scott: that didn't come up yet but likely should be discussed at the next meeting of the board. There is a higher expectation of regular communication from the standing committees.
- Jacques: on the regular synchronization w/ the board, more frequent reports will be reassuring at least some. Any discussion about closer collaboration w/ the Process Cmte? Scott: you're still on the roster for the committee.
- J: Does it seem like the TAB will continue to propose work plan and board will review and approve? as opposed to the board coming up with its own ideas for a work plan.
- Scott: can only point to the language of the motion - hope that it will be a partnership between both.
- J: if chair is TC Admin, one possible drawback is that there is an auditing role that the TAB has played on staff projects (e.g. Kavi migration). It would be good if TAB retained its independent auditor role.
- Scott: staff ought to listen to TAB counsel always.
- J: 2 types of activities at the TAB: routine (e.g. Pros) focused on quality and occasional special project assignments.
- Chet: did board ask when this should go into effect? Scott: Board assigned execution to me. Seems natural to make it a part of the upcoming election cycle. Part of my task now is to update the web page and review the charter so that these changes are clear and public. In particular, pls review the TAB charter between now and the July meeting.
- Gershon: next board meeting is April 27th by teleconference. Board has invited TAB to join for session to discuss next steps. To discuss the implementation of it.
-Gershon: the board still needs to figure out how this would work - so those things need to be thought over.
- G: so does it make sense to have that discussion at next meeting?
- J: we should decide whether we all want to attend or just the chair and liaison. Will follow up with TAB members.

2. Workplan 2015: open source project support to OASIS Technical Committees (Chet).
- J: several SDOs are trying to leverage the power of OS in support of standards development.
- CHet: Make it easier for TC to participate into OSS activities and feed this work back to TCs. This kind of work is already going on today. DITA , XDI, etc. COntributions to TCs could be from OSS - not such an issue. But OASIS not getting credit for it. Could make OASIS more attractive home for OSS initiatives that need a standard.
- Ashok: the OSS activity in OASIS always associated with a standard? yes.
- Ashok: scenario: couple of OSS efforts advanced on GitHub, then they realize they want a standard.
- Chet: yes, possible. one benefit is that the OS project might not have thought about OASIS in the past but now would say "Oh, OASIS does open source so we can go talk to them.
- Jacques: IPR side: only the contribution from OSS to OASIS seems to be necessary to finalize? OSS project could be licensed in any way it likes.
- Jacques: membership issue? OSS project members may not need be OASIS members, yet are needed to help define the standard?
- Chet: TC would set up an informal meeting for this.
- Chet: how could we set a safe harbor setting for TC to get input from outside?
- J: use of comment list, for OSS contributions?
- Chet: I put some questions in the email (I think). Staff would appreciate any feedback on the general proposal and the documents I sent.
- chet: staff would appreciate any thought from TAB on proposal - input from OSS experience, etc. Preferably by next 27th BoD meeting.
- Chet1: On the note board - also TAB might consider how TC Process could allow for 'invited experts' since that does in fact happen.

3. Review of short action items (in Kavi)..
- including Citation page status (Patrick/Robin)
- https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/tab/members/action_items.php?sort_field=status
- #0311: feedback quote from TC chairs. Chet sent query - no feedback so far. Close the AI. Chet - I'll follow up on future PRs to see if the comments were helpful.Chet: to get feedback from TCs soon after TAB files the comments.
- #0315: In-line commenting techniques for specs - defer until Patrick is available.
- #0316: investigate W3C "annotations". Ashok - carry over.
- #0317: improve on the conf clause template. Jacques - carry over. Ashk: make it interactive / HTML?

4. PRs: status, process and outputs.
- current PR pipeline:
o EDXL-HAVE: (Hospital Availability Matrix), ends 15 May 2015 , see: https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/tab/201503/msg00008.html
o DocBook: ends 21 April 2015 , see: https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/tab/201503/msg00011.html
o UBL: Naming and Design Rules, ends 15 April 2015. See: https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/tab/201503/msg00007.html
- Chet: also TGF eHealth profile for review (a CN)
- Chet: put DocBook on the agenda for next meeting, do review - there is an unusual reference to external work.

5. Conformance Clause follow-up:
- conformance templates (Ashok, Jacques)
- How would we make it available? More generally: where should templates be hosted? Give them more visibility? (conf clause, motion templ, ...)

- non-machine-processable specs: (Patrick)(TGF ,...)
- Non-machine processable spec (i.e. framework) - not much progress so far. Look into how does ISO9000 go from a framework to a formal certification capability?

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