Minutes TAB call (June 5, 2015)

Time: 2pmET
Host confcall: Fujitsu
US Toll Free: 877-995-3314
US Toll/International: 210-339-1806

1. Admin and general status:
- Approval Minutes May 22 (to be posted)
- TAB charter : initiate discussion on updates, to be proposed to Board before July.
2. Special staff projects assistance
- Standards Cup Award.
- status on Open Repository follow-up (new rev to be uploaded).
- New "Testing/Certification" request from ED
3. PR process:
- comments disposition (Patrick)
- current pipeline.
4. Conformance/normative matters
- Conf clause follow-up (tempalte/Ashok).
- Normative references question (Chet).
5. Annotations (if time permits):
. W3C update (Ashok)
. Pith.li (Patrick)

Chet Ensign (staff)
Jacques Durand (Fujitsu)
Ashok Malhotra (Oracle)
Patrick Durusau (individual)
Robin Cover (staff)

Kevin Mangold (NIST)
Gershon Janssen (Board liaison)

Action Items:

AI: Jacques need to notify our Board liaison, we work on a TAB charter update.

AI: Chet: volunteers to put together a paragraph on each Standards Cup Award candidate and send around.

AI: Jacques: set up an electronic ballot to vote on approval of Open Repository recommendations for sending it to the staff

AI: Jacques to ask Laurent to more formally request TAB to help on this testing/certification initiative.

AI for next meeting : unxderstand the different parts of ISO9000, the cost.


1. Admin and general status:
- Approval Minutes May 22. Jacques notes that the minutes contained a motion to request OASIS purchase a copy of ISO9000 but did not record the final decision. Patrick: we discussed but concluded we would need more parts. So there was no formal approval.
- Chet: No further discussion. No objections to approval. Minutes May 22 approved.
- TAB charter : initiate discussion on updates, to be proposed to Board before July.
- Idea is to be proactive on this: propose a new charter to the board. we need to change the portions dealing with the chair. Jacques: would like to see something documenting TAB's ability to issue opinions on internal initiatives at OASIS (e.g. do some audit of staff internal projects, per decisionn of a majority of TAB members)
- Chet's first working draft of charter with redlined changes is here: https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/tab/download.php/55579/TAB-charter-05-01-15.doc . Chet suggests we use the doc above as working document.
- Jacques need to notify our Board liaison we work on this.
- Chet: suggest that we try to work out the language edits by email so that we can approve delivering to the board at the 6/26 mtg and give it to them a full month in advance.

2. Special staff projects assistance
2.1 - Standards Cup Award.
- Chet: gives 2 lists of TCs nominations (not reported here for confidentiality):
- TCs that qualify for the New TC category (i.e., a TC that held its first meeting or held its first meeting under a new charter between July 2014 and July 2015)
- TCs that qualify for the Accomplished TC category (i.e., a TC that produced an approved OASIS Standard or had an OS approved by a de jure body between July 2014 and July 2015)
- Chet reminds that the pre-selection is done based on the TC accomplishments in past year - not before that. There has to be some significant action (release, deliverable...). you don't get a 2015 Oscar nomination for your stirring performance in 2012
- Jacques: can that be made clear somewhere? Chet: yes, we'll make the selection criteria clear in the materials we send out.
- Chet: selection June 26 meeting is best.
- Chet: volunteers to put together a paragraph on each candidate and send around.

2.2 - status on Open Repository recommendations follow-up (new rev to be uploaded).
Jacques: task is to approve a document that provides TAB opinions/observations. Latest draft is at - https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/tab/download.php/55800/latest/TAB-Notes-OpenDevRepository-rev3.docx Jacques made diffs based on feedback.
- Chet: recommend that we pick a date and either vote to approve and send to staff or drop the topic. Jacques can send as an individual if he wishes. However, we should decide and be done with it one way or the other.
- AI Jacques: set up an electronic ballot to vote on approval of Open Repository recommendations for sending it to the staff.
- Chet: clarifies that Board needs to do nothing further, they have approved. We can share with Board but we should make clear it is just advice.

2.3- New "Testing/Certification" request from ED
- - New "Testing/Certification" request from ED (a more formal email will be sent by Laurent to TAB)
- Patrick: remember posting something on 9001, still relevant - it is about a certification process.
- Patrick: ISO9000 certification process needs to be looked at. No separate conformance requirements.
- Jacques: first step should be for us to consider whether we want to take this on as a TAB new work item.
- Consensus that everyone is comfortable with us putting it on our agenda as a work item.
- AI: Jacques to ask Laurent to more formally request TAB to help on this testing/certif initiative.

3. PR process:
3.1- comments disposition (Patrick)
-Jacques: will use them to characterize TC responses to TAB comments so that we can report to Board on stats - e.g. how many accepted, etc.
- P: will let us better mine the data that we have for insight
- Jacques: do we expect the TC to do it or would we make the call ourselves? P: we never have asked TCs to do that - we'll need to do it ourselves.
- Robin: Comment resolution logs: IIRC there's no deadline for publishing the doc (or: was that fixed in TC Process?)
- Chet: pls let me know of any you find that haven't posted comment resolution log. P: should know in next 2 weeks.
- P: I'm adding the data to the issues so that we can slice and dice them (about TC follow-up on TAB comments)."if you can't measure it, you can't manage it."
- J: this will let us follow up on how well TCs respond to comments.

3.2- current pipeline.
- J: last day to give feedback on the LegalDocML specs. Patrick will be the messenger back to them.
- Robin: the AKN spec is at: https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/legaldocml/201506/msg00002.html
- Chet: do you consider any of these comments as leading to substantive changes ? Discussion.
- J: since there are comments on the conformance clauses they probably *ought* to be material but argument could be made that they are editorial, e.g. clarify ambiguities.
- AKN latest according to Fabio: "Please find attached the new release of Akoma Ntoso, dated 3 June 2015. This is another draft release for what is meant to become version 3.0 of Akoma Ntoso". they seem to have reverted to an older method of releasing CDs but it isn't clear what they intended with that message from Fabio.
- Patrick: large number of attributes have no defined semantics. not sure how you write a conformance clauses for something where the definition of conformance is absent.
- Robin: do you think if they had worked a bit harder they could have defined semantics or do you think it because they want the implementers to provide the semantics.
- P: what they should have done is define a vocabulary but the vocabulary defines conformance for profiles of the vocabulary. That way you achieve interoperability. Don't see any way to make it work the way it is done now.
- Discussion about how to make what they want to do work.
- J: on question of whether they are substantive, I would tend to say yes. e.g. problems with their normative / non-normative references.
- Chet: no upcoming 1st pr's in the pipeline right now

4. Conformance/normative matters
4.1- Conf clause follow-up (tempalte/Ashok).
Ashok: question is do we want to change the format or its placement in documents. we ought to decide whether this direction is the way we want to go. One additional item needs to be added in.
- Jacques: To make it an easy to use template (cut-n-paste kind), we may want to add a few typical variants of fill-in skeleton clauses, in doc format. Should actually include skeleton conformance section.

4.2- Normative references question (Chet).
Robin: Per interest, two additional references follow for W3C and IESG/IETF regulating "normative references":
#1) "Normative References": http://www.w3.org/2013/09/normative-references [W3C, public read]
#2) Here's how you can run IETF 'nits' checking utility online to do reference checking in an I-D (warnings, errors, comments): you just dereference this URI (or supply your own target spec): https://www.ietf.org/tools/idnits?url=https://www.ietf.org/archive/id/draft-ietf-oauth-pop-architecture-01.txt
- we'll put the normative ref recommendations (i.e. how to refer to external material) on the agenda for next time. it could be an extension to the conformance clauses doc

5. Annotations (if time permits): Postponed.
. W3C update (Ashok)
. Pith.li (Patrick)

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