1) Approval of agenda and minutes.

2) Status of open action items

3) Review 2015/2016 work plan

4) Discuss / plan next steps on Laurents self-certification feedback request

5) Discuss next steps on publishing citation master list(s)

=== Minutes ===

Roll call:
Chet Ensign (staff)
Jacques Durand (Fujitsu)
Patrick Durusau (individual)
Kevin Mangold (NIST)
Robin Cover (staff/observer)

Ashok Malhotra (Oracle)
Gershon Janssen (Board liaison)

Meeting has 4 of 5 voting members. We have quorum.

1) Approval of agenda and minutes.
Chet asked to switch item 4 and 5. All agreed. No further discussion. No objections. Agenda approved.

Draft minutes for 8/14 at https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/tab/201508/msg00138.html. No discussion. No objections. Minutes unanimously approved.

2) Status of open action items

* Patrick to sum up referencing issues in specs, from his reviewer viewpoint. Issue is doing an analysis on problems with references in OASIS specs for reporting to the board.

AI kept open.

* Chet - organize sending TAB checklist along with new templates when TCs request a starter document. Chet to coordinate with with Paul K.

Chet send draft text to Paul for inclusion in email when delivering templates. AI closed.

* Chet - send draft 2015/2016 work plan write to TAB to review.

Draft to be reviewed in meeting. AI closed.

* Chet - draft a TAB note to the DITA TC expressing our understanding of their need to address some of these comments in next release of DITA and offering to work with TC members on improving these when they start their next round of editorial work.

Not yet done. AI kept open.

* Chet/Patrick - prepare a mockup of the citations list document

Patrick prepared mockup. Chet sent to TAB for review. AI closed.

3) Review 2015/2016 work plan

The current draft of the work plan is in https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/tab/201508/msg00128.html

No further discussion. No objections to approval. The work plan was approved.

AI to Chet to send work plan to Gershon for presentation to board.

4) Discuss next steps on publishing citation master list(s)

Two mockups sent to TAB mailing list in https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/tab/201508/msg00141.html

First is Patrick's list with Chet's suggested boilerplate text appended. Second uses OASIS Committee Spec template to give it an OASIS look and feel.

Discussed whether to publish separate documents for each SDO covered or whether to combine into one large document. Agreement is to separate (e.g. IETF RFCs, W3C Recommendations, etc.)

Discussed other places these documents can be made available: sending to askthetab@, linking from TAB web page, TC Admin web page, TC Admin support request page, OASIS tools page, Policies & Guidelines page. (Also discussed publicizing tools page more broadly.)

AI to Patrick / Chet to prepare another draft version, approve by email if possible, and if approved forward to Gershon.

5) Discuss / plan next steps on Laurents self-certification feedback request

Current draft is in a Google doc at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yWA9OggXm_XZHsELInmMxCKNtjt8FlAyqmlzlkM_QCI/edit

Discussed range of possibilities for how a TC might want to accomplish this. Some might want to bind certification closely to conformance clauses. Others might want to publish test scripts and allow for implementor to publish results of running tests as a "Certification of Proper Testing." (This is similar to what WS-BRSP does.) Need to allow for a range of choices.

Next step will be summarize the work being done by other groups and get that written up in the Google doc so that we can discuss options for OASIS at the next meeting.

Next meeting: due to schedule conflicts, next meeting is scheduled for Friday, Sept. 18 - 20:00 UTC / 4:00 Eastern Time

Minutes submitted on 31 August 2015 by Chet Ensign.

chat log

anonymous morphed into Patrick
Chet: Agenda - swap item 4 and 5.
Chet: No other disc. Agenda approved.
Chet: Approve minutes as modified.
Chet: No discussion. No objs. Minutes approved.
Chet: 2. Open AIs
Chet: Patrick to sum up...
Chet: Keep open.
Chet: Chet - organize sending checklsit...
Chet: Closed.
Chet: Chet - draft workplan
Chet: Closed
Chet: Chet - note to DITA TC
Chet: Keep open
Chet: Chet/Patrick - mockup citation
Chet: Closed
Chet: 3. Workplan
Chet: No discussion. No objections to fwd to Gershon.
Chet: AI: Chet to forward latest version to Gershon.
Chet: 4. Citation list
Chet: https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/tab/201508/msg00141.html
Chet: Reviewing Patrick's draft
Chet: W3C next to attempt. Consensus that we'll generate them as separate documents.
Kevin Mangold (NIST): super tiny thing to fix, the first bullet should be removed -- "[] http://www.ietf.org/rfc/.txt"
Chet: Good catch
Chet: Maybe we also send to askthetab@ and suggest that editors subscribe to get updates?
Chet: Also talk w/ Carol Geyer about adding this to the policies and guidelines page
Kevin Mangold (NIST): also i think TC Tools and TC Admin Request Forms?
Chet: Kevin: most people don't know TC Tools page doesn't exist - we should update and announce
Chet: AI: Chet/Patrick to refine layout & then if everyone agrees, send to Gershon - w/o a lot of detail ...
Chet: 5. Laurent's self-cert request
jacques: Give Gershon the details and resources on Citation in case the Board asks for it.
Chet: Kevin: Google doc has edit mode and suggest mode
Chet: Let's work in suggest mode
Chet: Kevin: suggestions in doc to reorganize a bit - intro / what other orgs are doing / what oasis could do - options
Chet: Jacques: whole range of options - it is good to identify as many as we can and summarize them - then present oasis w/ options
Chet: J: TCs might want different things - some might want to tie them to conf clauses, some might want to do something more
Chet: J: so if a TC built some test tools, a company could not make claims relative to conf clauses but could report results of running the tests & publish their result. OpenID is doing this
Chet: J: call it a "Certification of Proper Testing"
jacques: sory was disconnected...
Chet: Next steps: summarize the work being done by other groups and get that written up so that we can discuss options for OASIS at the next meeting.
jacques: See SAJACC link on top menus on page: http://collaborate.nist.gov/twiki-cloud-computing/bin/view/CloudComputing/ReferenceArchitectureTaxonomy
Sent transcript to: chet.ensign@oasis-open.org
Chet: Next meeting - Friday, Sept. 18 - 4:00 Eastern Time

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