Minutes TAB call (May 19, 2017)



Time: 3pmET


Host confcall: OASIS

US Toll Free: +1 641 715-3822

Chat room: http://webconf.soaphub.org/conf/room/tab

Action items assigned in meeting

- New AI: Chet to send reply to Hal on his comments on TC Process

- New AI: Chet to start a shared Google Doc on meeting minutes best practices

- New AI: Chet to send his extract of comments/feedback on Editor's Handbook to TAB


1) Roll call

2) Approve agenda

3) Approve last minutes

4) Status of public reviews

5) Status of action items

6) Discussion of Hal's email to the TAB

7) Discussion of the Editor's handbook

8) AOB


1) Roll call
Ashok, Chet, Jacques, Kevin, Patrick

2) Agenda
No discussion of agenda. No objections to approval. Agenda approved unanimously

3) Approval of minutes

May 5th: https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/tab/201705/msg00004.html
No discussion of minutes. No objections to approval. Minutes approved unanimously

4) Status of public reviews

TAXII v2.0: https://www.oasis-open.org/news/announcements/invitation-to-comment-on-taxii-v2-0-ends-june-10th. Patrick and Jacques agree to review.

5) Status of action items

- AI: Chet to draft 2nd level outline for editor's handbook and notify TAB for comment and feedback
Outline was completed. Closed

6) Discussion of Hal's email to the TAB

We agreed that some best practice guidance is needed on minutes such as simply putting the word "Minutes" in the subject line of the email. Agreed that this needs to be covered in a Chairs manual.

Agreed that we will send a reply to Hal thanking him for the feedback. Agreed that we'll take the points we identified and cut and paste them into a Google Doc for shared editing.

7) Discussion of the Editor's handbook

Draft at https://docs.google.com/document/d/10s_66FDOq-3-6TxlJ_qs3Rq3HSGdFunzYnaTs6nT6Uo/edit

Discussed the outline. Ashok suggests making section 4 tips into a second document.
Ashok volunteered to start on the beginning. He'll look to see what can be used from http://docs.oasis-open.org/TChandbook/.

Kevin volunteered to start on section 3.

Agreed that Chet will take a first shot at Section 2 then Jacques can review as someone with editor's experience.

Discussion about how to handle section 4. Considered linking out to other content. Structuring as a FAQ. Agreed to work on first 3 sections and wait on section 4 for now

8) AOB

No other business raised.

Next meeting will be Friday, 02 June 2017 at 3:00 PM EDT. Minutes submitted 31 May 2017 by Chet Ensign.

Chat log

Chet: Ugh. DIdn't prep an agenda.

Chet: Sorry.
Chet: One sec.
Chet: Roll call

Approve agenda

Approve last minutes
May 5th: https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/tab/201705/msg00004.html

Status of public reviews
TAXII v2.0: https://www.oasis-open.org/news/announcements/invitation-to-comment-on-taxii-v2-0-ends-june-10th

Hal's email to the TAB

Editor's handbook


Chet: Attending: Ashok, Chet, Kevin, Patrick
Chet: Feedback from the request for input to editors manual
Chet: AI: Chet to send his extract of comments to TAB

jacques (Fujitsu): joining on the phone

Chet: Jacques joins
Chet: Agenda approved.
Chet: Minutes
Chet: No discussion. Minutes approved.
Chet: Public reviews
Chet: TAXII comments due by June 30th
Chet: Hal's email
Chet: everybody saw the email
Chet: Any interest in responding to the email from Hal
Chet: Ashok: anything specific trigger this?
Chet: Jacques: need for conventions / best practices - e.g. should have a folder called Minutes - minutes should be in this or that format, etc.
Chet: So maybe a best practice document - i see the need
Chet: Kevin: +1 - we should insist that putting the word "minutes" in the title of the document or to the email that goes out - and there should be a requirement that it goes into a minutes folder - maybe give a list of options instead of letting them go wild/off on their own
Chet: K: same thing with Google docs - we will use it for live minutes then save it off as a PDF
Chet: K: in other words, live minutes
Chet: K: can also add that to the Chairs manual
Chet: J: +1 - also for secretaries
Chet: K: when I say 'chairs manul' i'm thinking of the organization and management of the TC
Chet: K: so we should put something together
Chet: K: a Kavi add-on is not really an easy request though
Chet: Ashok: - why don't we agree on what we want to tell them
Chet: 1) remind them what the TC Process requires
Chet: 1.1) must be made to maliing list - must include attendance record
Chet: 2) remind them that every TC has meeting notes folder where they can keep minutes as separate documents
Chet: 3) I'd ask that they always the word "Minutes" in the email title/doc title so that it can be easily found later
Chet: 4) Explain why transient formats - e.g. wiki, google docs - are not acceptable as official minutes. can be used as scratch pads but must be made fixed (e.g. text in email, pdf in Meeting notes) when approved
Chet: 5) It's best to deal with minutes promptly rather than letting them sit as you may well lost track of the trhead of a discussion a week after
Chet: 6) motions need to be captured as expressed and the results of the vote must be recorded with the motion
Chet: 7) another best practice - circulate motions in advance of the meeting
Chet: AI: reply to Hal that we're going to do a reply like this
Chet: AI: cut & paste this into a Google Doc
Chet: Editor's handbook
Chet: Ashok: suggests making section 4 tips into a second document
Chet: Call for editorial volunteering
Chet: Ashok - I'll start on the intro / beginning
Chet: A: taking some of the stuff from the TC Handbook
Chet: http://docs.oasis-open.org/TChandbook/
Chet: Chet: if there is useful stuff in there by all means cut & paste and saves the typing
Chet: Kevin: section 3
Chet: Section 2 - I think it should be done by someone with editor's experience
Chet: Chet will take first shot and then Jacques can react
Chet: Patrick: anyone looked at section 4?
Chet: Kevin: I like having section 4 in the same document
Chet: However - I don't think we need to provide much content there - we can reference other resources available on line
Chet: Patrick: not a big fan of pull info models if I want somebody to do something - that little bit of extra effort to click that link will stop a lot of people
Chet: P: can see the value of distilling out what would be useful to people
Chet: A: structure it as a FAQ?
Chet: because no one is going to read it word for word
Chet: K: agree that the pull model is not a great model - just looking for a way to keep the document manageable by referencing stuff that is already there
Chet: The FAQ is good - but maybe as a section of the document
Chet: P: I can see having a 1 pager on a topic - e.g. "the first thing you do is turn on track changing"
Chet: K: may need to think more about how I'm envisioning section 4 would be
Chet: K: there are a lot of ways we can approach it
Chet: A: how about doing it as a web page with links? K: that's what I was envisioning
Chet: P: w/ links to foreign sources, we'd face problem of link rot
Chet: Chet: let's start then on first 3 sections and wait on section 4 for now

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