Subject: Revised draft minutes TAB meeting 17 November 2017


Minutes TAB call (November 17, 2017)



) Roll call

2) Approve agenda

3) Approve minutes

4) Status of public reviews

5) Status of action items

6) Continue work on editor's manual

7) AOB


1) Roll call

Jacques Durand
Patrick Durusau
Chet Ensign
Stefan Hagen
Kevin Mangold

Meeting had quorum.

2) Approve agenda

We changed the agenda to focus on the Google sheets initiative.

3) Standards data and Google sheets

Stefan shared the google sheet with his current set of columns for data. The standards table in HTML contains much information mixed together (e.g. multi-part specifications, DTDs and grammars) and it is not structured or labeled consistently. This takes time to untangle and fix into a consistent form.

Stefan will continue working on decomposing the HTML into a Google sheet.

3) AOB

Stefan raised concerns with TAB being by-passed in IT evolution, clarified in


1) We are technical advisors - Disablement in crucial technical area?

Stefan suggests to OASIS staff, that the Technical Advisors on TAB - that is us - can only give technical advice, when being presented requirements and technical detail for a plan - in OpenProjects this does not seem to be the case

2) Requirements and use-cases for selected solution missing

Stefan perceived, that there are plans to settle OpenProjects (with a half-open membership!) on the tools like JIRA, Confluence, and Bitbucket, which makes him wonder, if that is a good plan with many users only rarely interacting

3) Technology gap increasing

Stefan is also very surprised, that there seems to be a decision to not migrate the TC relevant instances to newer versions. The reported non-feasibility of such a migration is challenged by him.

4) Missing pro-con analysis in favor of selected tools

Stefan is in fear, that the choice of implementation might constitute a roadblock for acquisition and adoption of open projects, as the github ecosystem seems to be set in the minds of many.


The next meeting will be Friday, 01 December 2017 at 3:00 PM EST.

Minutes submitted by Chet Ensign on 01 December 2017.

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