Action items

- Chet to follow up with the Swaggerhub guys, provide feedback on our discussion

- Chet see how we might gain query access to shadow databases

- Chet - revise the announcement and send to TAB for reaction

- Chet - look through email for examples of questions I've had from TCs.

- Chet - check dial-in numbers on Zoom invitation versus Kavi meeting event

- Chet - NEW - send around links to CLA listings


1) Roll call

2) Presentation by Jory Burson on Open Projects

3) AOB


1. Roll call

Trey Darley
Jacques Durand
Patrick Durusau
Chet Ensign
Stefan Hagen

Invited expert:

Ashok Malhotra


Jory Burson


Paul Lipton

2. Presentation by Jory

Jory took us through the slide deck being used to pitch Open Projects to interested parties.

Trey asked where people can look up signed CLAs. Chet will send around the links.

Trey suggested we need to figure out how we will handle changing licenses on repositories. He knows of 3 large projects that struggled to do that. Patrick notes that TCs have had this problem too. The difficulty is finding everyone who contributed after the fact and gaining their agreement to have the terms change. Jory said that she would open an issue to keep track of this.

Trey suggests it would be good to have templates available to help guide groups in their governance process.

Stefan was confused by the presentation on the dues. It wasn't clear that there is a funding threshold to meet before the project can launch. Jory said she'll change the slide to address that.

Discussion about how additional funding will be managed to cover services that may be requested as the program matures.

Trey, Paul, and the other TAB members complimented Jory on the deck. They feel this a much clearer, more concrete presentation of the program.

3) AOB

No other business raised.

Next meeting will be 06 March 2019 at 17:00 UTC.

Minutes prepared by Chet Ensign, 26 February 2019.

Chat log

Chet Ensign: For today's agenda, we will go straight to Jory's presentation to give everybody ample time for Q&A. We'll approve minutes and such at the next call.
Chet Ensign: The Zoom meeting URL is
Chet Ensign: Trey notified me that he'll miss the first half of the meeting.
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Chet Ensign: Attending: Patrick, Jacques, Trey, Ashok, Jory, Paul Lipton
Chet Ensign: Trey - some place where I can see the CLAs? Chet to send links to Trey and TAB
Chet Ensign: Trey - sometimes necessary to change a license - way to handle that?
Chet Ensign: Trey knows of 3 large OS projects that had to do that.
Chet Ensign: For a young project, not a problem. Large proj could be a problem.
Chet Ensign: Could we put something into the CLA language to say something like 'by signing the CLA, you agree...'
Chet Ensign: Stefan also present
Chet Ensign: Patrick - this has come up in OASIS in the past. Problem is that once people leave the TC, there isn't a way to change your commitment
Chet Ensign: E.g. what if someone contributed under Non-Assert and the TC later wants to change to RAND
Chet Ensign: As he recalls, it was not an easy experience
Chet Ensign: Trey - this feels like this a pitch that is concrete and really shows that we get it
Chet Ensign: Trey - does Sponsorship translate into PGB membership?
Chet Ensign: So if you have a prj co-funded by 3 big co's - they can say that 'these 3 worthy individuals can be on the PGB as independent, co-equal members without having to pay'
Chet Ensign: Jory - yes
Chet Ensign: Trey - used to work for NATO - large committees much less effective at decision making than smaller ones. So what about quorum.
Chet Ensign: Trey - would be good to have templates available to help guide groups in their governance process
Chet Ensign: Trey - recommend putting together templates for charter / process that align with the flexibility / prescriptive procedures
Chet Ensign: Paul - thank you for a clear presentation. 2 quick points: +1 to Trey's suggestions. Part of the value of OASIS is friendliness and approachability could help especially with the newer, smaller groups.
Chet Ensign: 2nd - can you give a bit more clarity on the issue of elected representation in the PGB and TSC
Chet Ensign: Are there options, esp in the PGB?
Chet Ensign: Agree that governance process templates would be a big help
Chet Ensign: Stefan - surprised by the funding levels / pricing. And are we sure we can provide license checking services to the orgs that might come together.
Chet Ensign: Jory clarifies that the funding must exceed a 25K threshold, whether one company or from several
Chet Ensign: Stefan: good. I was worried Chet would have to work pro-bono
Chet Ensign: On code auditing, license checking, we can do some of that with the 25K but we may need additional funds to do more. Stefan - yes, I think it is a matter of expectation management
Chet Ensign: Jacques - we'll have to expect new services - e.g. testing, code audits, etc.
Chet Ensign: Jory - have plenty of experience in testing and conformance. Platform testing, etc.
Chet Ensign: Love to talk more about that with you
Chet Ensign: Like with auditing, we may need to help the project raise incremental funds
Chet Ensign: Also, possible to get sponsorship

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