Minutes of TAB Internal Conference Call on 2nd April 2010. Approved at meeting on 16th April 2010.

1. Intro

Roll: Martin, Mary, Jacques, Patrick

Agenda: approved as posted

2. Minutes

19th March 2010: http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/tab-internal/email/archives/201003/msg00016.html

Approved w/o. Agreed to post to wiki.

3. Action Items

ACTION-20091211-2: ongoing

4. Standards Dependency update

Ongoing, results soon.

5. Interop Policy Update

Nothing new to report.

Aim for end April/early May for final draft for review.

6. Mojave Update

No one on the TAB disagrees with the goal of replacing Kavi, the disagreement is with what. Sometimes it is to mimic kavi with bug fixes, sometimes to enhance the existing kavi functions. It seems quite random to the TAB which features are being enhanced, and which ones are just being mimicked.

We need a formal process regarding requirements, an agreement process and a change control process after they have been agreed. At the moment its seems anyone can modify at any time, even if a requirement has just been coded. How do you track the changes to requirements to code if changes in either take place randomly.

Patrick: Illustrates needing all stakeholders involved, because requirements cut across stakeholder interests.

We need to agree a process that needs to be followed. Coding is taking place, but it is not clear to what requirements code is being written to, and hence it is hard to track what has been done. A s/w process doesn't have to be overly complicated, just something that we can all follow and understand.

Any project manager should help to get processes in place.

Will be important when communicating to the Board to be able to lay out the pros and cons (e.g. cost/time) of implementation approaches.

Mary expressed disappointment that no one on the TAB took part in the first round of interviews, and encouraged involvement in the second round.

7. AOB


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