Minutes TAB Internal 16th April 2010. Approved at meeting on 30th April 2010.

1. Introduction

Roll: Martin, Mary, Jacques, Patrick, Robin (observer)

Agenda: agreed as posted

2. Minutes

Minutes 2nd April 2010: http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/tab-internal/email/archives/201004/msg00001.html

Approved w/o.

Agreed to post to wiki.

3. Action Items

ACTION-20091211-2: ongoing

4. Standards Dependency

No progress.

5. Interop/Testing Policy Update

Jacques added more content, esp. the incomplete sections, therefore it is ready for review. The two last sections are new: methodology and test reports. Might want to define a test report template.

Martin cited some appropriate text from the conformance and interop description from the ODF Interop TC document currently out for public review: http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/tab-internal/email/archives/201004/msg00011.html

Suggestion to work that text in.

Aim for a formal review at the next meeting.

6. Mojave Update

Project is impacted by the departure of Neil. Changes the dynamics. What impact does Neil have on the Mojave project, and what impact does this have on the selection of a PM?

Discussion on the two 2nd interview candidates.

It's a difficult choice as they have complimentary skill sets. This is a big judgement call especially given Neil is leaving.

After careful consideration we agreed that both candidates are qualified for the position, however given the current uncertainty of the project the TAB recommends the hiring of Greg.

Motion: Patrick motions, Jacques 2nd to adopt the above statement.

Background of the uncertainty is Neil leaving, hosting vs outsourcing, and lack of concise requirements.

Approved w/o.

Of course the usual caveat of the hiring process and reference checks applies.

7. AOB

Mary informed us that there are 8 Public Reviews in the queue, and 8 arriving shortly. However, only 6 are 60 for days.

Meeting adjourned.

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