Minutes TAB Internal Call 11th December 2009. Approved on 22nd January 2010.

1. Roll

Martin, Patrick, Jacques, Mary

2. Agenda

Agenda approved as posted

3. Minutes

20th November 2009: http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/tab-internal/email/archives/200911/msg00015.html

Minutes passed w/o

Agreed to post to TAB wiki w/o

4. AI

ACTION-20091120-1: Jacques to draft an Interop policy in the wiki, starting with a definition of terms. Done - on the agenda

5. Mojave update

A preliminary TC home page UI has been mocked up. Trying to make the page the same for members and non-members, but with options unavailable if not logged in. Different OASIS staff looking at different angles. Plan for another internal turn-around, then will send to TAB and other members who showed interest. Should be ready by next TAB Internal meeting. This is just a web page gui mockup.

Jacques: this is just the front of all the back end, what is the status of the main body of work

Need an update from Harry.

ACTION-20091211-1: Martin to invite Harry to the next meeting.

TAB Internal members to assemble list of specific questions for Harry.

5. Standards Dependency Update

Sub-topic of citations:

In doing this work Patrick has observed some inconsistent practices e.g. references to OASIS hosted zip files containing schemas from another org. Has even seen references to non-existing standards!

Also it is not clear which versions are being references, as urls point to "latest doc" or the TC home page.

Mary: hopefully these are for the specs before we enforced this 9 or so months ago, but going forward all citations should be to a specific versions This is why its important for the TAB to review specs

Patrick: idea is to write a checklist for citations and references

Action-20091211-2: Patrick to prepare a wiki page for citation check list/best practice.

On main topic:

Still only about 1/4 way through, starting to see citations back to things already cited, so hopes will speed up. Goal is to get the raw data in, then run various transformations. At some point we need to understand what format to present this information, especially to the Board.

Patrick: its doesn't have to be everything to everyone, just a specific goal would be ok Martin: wait to see if there are any patterns that emerge

Patrick hopes to have all the raw data input done during January.

6. Interop Policy Update


Jacques: still work in progress, so comments are welcome. Jacques: focus on producing content then can edit, chop and change. Jacques: would like to define what is in test reports Jacques: last section is outline of a policy that the Board should be interested in.

7. AOB

Next meeting is 8th January, and will focus on Mojave.

Summary of new and open Action Items:

ACTION-20091211-1: Martin to invite Harry to the next meeting.

ACTION-20091211-2: Patrick to prepare a wiki page for citation check list/best practice.

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